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Devanét offer two types of rotary engraving, diamond drag and C02 laser. Both types achieve a detailed engraved look to the substrate but each some limitations in terms of size or finish that you should be aware of. We have listed some of the features and effects that can be achieved.



The Diamond drag engraving uses diamond tipped tools to scratch the surface in a linear format to achieve the engraved effect. The engraving does impinge onto the surface but does not deep engrave, examples of engraving are shown opposite onto glass bottles, stainless steel, silver and is suitable for diameters up to 300 mm. Rotary engraving is available for most types of glassware including martini glasses, champagne and wine bottles, stainless steel products including cocktail shakers, wine buckets, ice coolers and any other round objects made in metal or glass. Diamond drag engraving can also be coloured on glass products in gold and silver, other colours to order.


The system used by Devanet is also designed for undulating surfaces or surfaces which have irregular ups and downs on the object without losing the ability to engrave the part. This is an added benefit over standard engravers.



The footprint for rotary laser engraving is smaller due to the design of the rotary assembly but glasses, coktail shakers and bottles such as champagne bottles can be engraved with very high detail and with smooth line free finish.


C02 Laser engraving using a beam to focus on the substrate and removes or sublimates the surface of the object to achieve the design. The laser beam however must be able to retain its focus on the object otherwise it will not engrave so areas which have differences in height over 1.5 mm from the original focal point will not engrave clearly. Devanet will engrave small quantities for customers, subject to suitable artwork being supplied. Ideally artwork should be presented in scaleable vector files so that high definition can be achieved. If customers require a graphic design service we offer this to customers who may wish to have designs produced on a gift, Devanet can engrave designs, logos and any standard windows font. For customerss who would like engraving of flat objects please refer to the relevant section on our website.


If you require technical or sales advice on our engraving services, please contact our sales office.

engraved Wine bottle and glasses Engraved Champagne bottles and glassware
Engraved Champagne Bottles and Glassware
Engraved Liqueur bottle Whiskey glass engraved
Engraved liqeur bottle
Engraved Whiskey Glass
Tankard engraving By Devanet Engraved ice bucket
Tankard Engraving
Engraved ice bucket
Silver ice bucket engraving
Boss watch engraving
Tumbler Engraving Ring engraving






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