Devanet® have invested in a new state of the art edge stitching/ edge sewing machine. This machine can perfectly edge stitch a belt up to 1.25 metres long in 40 seconds and repeat the same performance of a top quality finish every time. Designed to auto sense the shape of the belt end and follow the edge at the front and back end, a full 360 degree edge stitch can be peformed. Designed for customers who demand consistent quality not affected by human intervention, this sophisticated machine delivers repeatability and perfection from 1.5 mm to the edge to 15 mm, single, double or triple edge to edge stitches for decorative effects and the ability to follow the edge every time. Potential output 60 belts per hour, allowing for bobbin changeover and loading, makes this machine ultra efficient and reliable and running at half speed.


Devanet offers a service to the trade who may wish to have their belts edge stitched for them. Using only high quality threads in 20's, 30's or 40's and over 100 colours, optimal results can be achieved far more cost effectively and accurately than manual sewing. Competitive prices and a minimum of 25 belts plus one sample are required to offer a cost effective service, smaller volumes will be undertaken provided the belt width, thickness is the same. Please contact the sales office for bookings on 01260 289513 or email

Devanet edge sticth profile options
The sketches above indicate some the of the stitch profiles Devanet can edge stitch for our customers, overlays of different contrast leathers, single, double or triple stitch layers are just some of the options. Different pitch and angle of penetration by needle selection can all add to the decorative and functional effect of the finish that is required. Different thicknesses of leather up to 7 mm can be successfully profile stitched.
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