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   devanet laser cutting and engraving laser engraved

The new laser we have acquired is a 60 watt C02 custom built laser fillted with German step motors and special lenses, complete with rotary attachment and a field area of 600 x 400 mm.. Applications apart from buckles extend to cutting of leather and other components.The lasering of buckles is a complex process as the creation of a clear black image, logo or text onto so many different substrates requires considerable testing to optimise both yield and quality as a result devanét will only laser engrave buckles in stainless steel.


For other black logos on chromes and zamak we will etch the buckles, which will create a permament black mark onthe buckles, please ask for details


The black finish stands our against the buckke compared to our diamond engraving which adopts a sheen against the back drop of the buckle. Below you can see the template we created on the laser to take an array of 25 buclkles, This is the optimum production array for chrome buckles and is the practical order volume for this process. Because of the flexibility ofi the system we can laser smaller volumes across our range when required for proofing.


Devanet laser engraved belt buckles devanet laser engraved array of  belt buckles
Array of 25 belt buckles ready to laser
Laser completed 25 buckles
laser engraved clutch belt buckle DEVANET LASERED BELT BUCKLE
The belt is made with a DV40SS Stiainless steel buckkle Laser engraved black
Devanet DVSS40-182 lasered buckle
DVSS40-182 Active web belt with laser engraved buckle with black finish




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