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Leather Covered Buckles




Devanét® leather buckles are available in several styles, shapes and sizes. Each buckle is custom made to order with a minimum of 100 pieces. Special shapes and designs as well as buttons, coat ends and other leather covered accessories are possible.


Leather covered buckles are equitably placed in specific market sectors from clothing, luggage, belts and accessories. The advantage of stitched leather covered buckles is that the shape, type of leather, colour of leather and thickness can be produced to a given specification, the only limit being the ability to stitch around the shape, so it is important due consideration is given to this key aspect. In addition the buckles in stitched leather are coated both sides of the buckle with no metal exposed except the prong (if used). Stitched leather buckles are available from 20 mm to 100 mm in shapes designed to order.


Leather covered buckles can be produced in Pantone matched colours to be matched with the style and application required of the main product, whether it is an article of clothing, gun case, leather bag, piece of furniture or belt.


Leather belts with covered buckles can be applied to 4 varieties of buckles, prong, plate, centre bar and D ring. Special designs can be machined in solid brass and custom moulded and stitched to order from 35 mm with to 100 mm widths and in top quality leathers.


Buttons, buckles and other accessories can be produced and are custom made to order with a range of 24 colours. Special colours on application.


Branding and design enhancements, are possible with Devanét®'s ability to etch the leather prior to forming on the buckle, this can create different aesthetics to the appearance of the buckle and can even have a logo applied in some detail to the buckle in a strategic position.


If you are looking for a leather covered buckle and would like our help in finding a positive solution, please contact our sales team for more information.



Leather covered bukles stitched
Some Examples Of Leather Covered Stitched Buckles Made To Order
20 mm leather covered buckle no pin
25 mm leather covered buckle no pin
DVF20 20 mm Leather Covered Buckle
DVASF25 Leather Covered Buckle
Patent leather buttons
Tan Leather Covered Pin Buckles
Patent Leather Buttons
Custom Leather Pin Buckles 20 to 50 mm
Black leather buckle by Devanet
DVF30 Leather covered buckle
DVF30 30 mm Leather Covered Pin Buckle
DVF30 30 mm Leather Covered Buckle
Double Prong leather buckle Double pronged 40 mm leather buckle
Double pronged stitched leather buckle
Double Pronged 40 mm leather buckle
Leather buckle stitched brown Leather buckle stitched 50 mm
Custom Shaped Leather Buckle 40 mm
Custom Shaped Leather Buckle 60 mm
Leather buckle 40 mm no prong attached Leather buckle 40 mm with prong attached
Leather Buckle 40 mm No Prong Attached
Leather Buckle 40 mm With Prong Attached
leather covered D rings Leather covered buttons
Leather Covered D Rings 20 mm to 50 mm
Leather Covered Buttons Custom Made
Leather covered cord holders Leather toggles
Leather Covered Cord Holders
Leather Toggles Custom Made To Order
Double Leather buckle Round Leather Buckle stitched
Double Leather Buckle
Round Leather Buckle Stitched
D ring leather buckle Leather Double D ring for web belts
D ring Leather Buckle Stitched

 Double Leather Covered D Ring For Web Belts

Braided Belt with leather buickle Braided Belt with leather buckle beige
Braided Belt With Leather Buckle - Black
Braided Belt With Leather Buckle - Beige
Leather covered D ring belt by Devanet Leather Insert Buckle By Devanet
Leather Covered D Ring Web Belt
Leather Insert Buckle Various Shapes & Sizes



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