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Devanet birth sign belt buckles


Devanets signs of the zodiac belt buckles, carefully engraved with your birth sign and the date of your birth on the back of the buckle. Presented in a rigid black gift box with the birth sign foil printed in silver or gold with the date of birth on the front.


The second option for volume trade accounts is the coloured insert buckles with the sign of the Zodiac in colour. These are insert buckles which can be supplied with the zodiac symbol and background produced in a range of colours, the final symbol is finished with a clear hard wearing two part resin. if required a translucent colour can be added as well as sparkles or glitter for fashion styles.


Made with good quality leather or webbing for casual or smartwear, in vaious widths from 30 - 40 mm. Good range of colours and options for the perfect gift.


Devanet zodiac belt retail gifts range in price from £45.00 plus shipping by courier, for international shipments, please email us with your country and area post code, We ship worldwide.


Devanet zodiac buckles Aries Devanet zodiac belt buckle Aries symbol Devanet zodiac belt buckles Aries
Aries design
Aries symbol and text
Aries insert buckle
Devanet Zodiac belt buckles Taurus Devanet Zodiac buckle Taurus Devanet Zodiac belt buckle - Taurus symbol
Taurus insert buckle
Taurus design
Taurus symbol and text
Devanet zodiac belt buckles gifts devanet zodiac belt gifts Devanet zodiac belt gifts
Leo design
Leo symbol and text
Leo insert buckle
Devanet birth sign belt gifts Devant zodiac belt gift- Gemini Devanet genini zodiac belt gifts
Gemini symbol and text
Gemini insert buckle
Gemini design
Devanet zodiac belt gifts- Aquarius Devanet Zodica belts - Cancer Devanet zodica belts Capricorn
Aquarius design
Cancer design
Capricorn design
Devanet Zodiac belt gifts - Virgo Devanet zodiac belt gifts - Scorpio Devanet zodica belt gifts - Pisces
Virgo design
Scorpio design
Pisces design
Devanet zodiac belt gifts - libra Devant zodiac belt gifts - sagitarius Devanet zodiac belt gifts - Sagitarius
Libra design
Sgitarius insert buckle
Sagitarius design
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