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Devanét will endeavour to provide answers to typical questions we have from our customers abiout our products and services, if the anwser is not listed here, please contact our sales office for further information.


Do Devanet make in the UK?

An emphatic yes, we design and manufacture our products at our factory in Congleton, Cheshire?


We are verified members of Make it British and registered members of Made in Britain supporting other British companies whenever we can.

Our metal components and buckles range is expanding with new investments in a CNC And edge folding unit to make stainless steel buckles and components. The edge folding unit it designed to fold over leather so that there is no raw edge onthe strap used in bags, belts, and padding for dog collars.


What materials can you make buckles with?

We have several options solid brass, stainless steel, aluminium - these are machined on precision CNC machines to produce a wide range of pin and plate buckles, metal components for bags, jewellery, automotive, promotional gifts and custom parts. Cast - Pewter alloy, a precious metal which is softer than brass from which we can make buckles and other cast gifts. Casting sterling silver and 9 carat gold for jewellery, resin mouldings which are impregnated with carbon fibre, other metal filaments and finally 3D printed buckles for rapid prototyping.


What finishes can you offer me?

Well thats a tough one to put into such a short space, but essentially electroplated finishes in silver, nickel, gold, rhodium, ruthenium, gunmetal, rose gold.


Can you supply domed and enamelled products?

We not only custom manufacture products suitable for doming but also for sublimation and enamelling, we call it 3 in 1, one product that you can apply all 3 processes. We also supply all the doming, enamels and custom cut sublimation inserts for you.


Powder coating in over 300 colours, matched RAL colours.


Ceramic Coating of conductive surfaces with a special nono particle coating to reduce tarnishing and improve abrasion resistence.


Cerakote a hard wearing thin coating suitable for metal components where a abrasion and corrosion resistance is important. Available in over 100 colours in matt, satin, and gloss.


Clear coating - A clear coating to protect the surface finish up to 25 microns.


Suede flocked coating - to create a beautiful suede effect on buckles and components, boxes, foams and plastics


Do you undertake special commissions?

Yes we do, most importantly we use a wide range of software tools to help us design products for our customers.


Do you make belts for different applications?

We custom make belts in leather, webbing and combinations of leathers and webbing to make an end product.


How long does it take to make a custom buckle?

That depends upon many factors and can be as quick as a week or several weeks, depending upon the design, volume required and complexity. It is difficult to put a date on a project until we have seen the design and what it entails. We have custom designed prototype buckles in a day for very urgent jobs.


Do you offer services to the trade?

We certainly do and we make components, finished products and designs for many customers who require a specific service whether it be just cutting to shapes or creating brass masters for molds, or designing a product from scratch.


What is you minimum order?

We will custom make items with quantities from 25 upwards, much will depend upon the product itself but that is rule of thumb we tend to work with. The reason for this is that many customers cannot afford to invest in large volumes when they are starting out, or have a small business, or the voluems do not warrant large orders, so we decided we would provide a small order service for anyone who needs our help.





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