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Can I order just one belt?
Yes we can make a one off belt or buckle for you to your design, please note it will take longer than normal to produce this order as we have to setup all machines when they are not busy executing larger production orders, suggest you contact the sales office to find out how soon they can maek one for you.


Do you only diamond engrave or can you laser engrave buckles?
We can laser and diamond engrave onto buckles but we only do this for volume runs of 25 pieces.   We can however produce a special one off buckle using special print process onto metal.

 Can you colour fill the engraving on metal?
Yes we precision colour fill but it is only undertaken on orders of 25 plus buckles. In this case the buckle is milled out to create an indent and then then the article is colour filled - we can pantone match corporate colours to order..

Can you make a buckle to our design?
We can design any buckle for you but the complexity will depend upon the type of casting we use and metal alloy. For example small run applications are usually constructed from solid brass on our CNC machine. Larger orders are cast and are subject to tooling costs.


Can you emboss leather?
Yes, we have our own hot press foiling, laser and embossing machinery and a fully computerised foil pen system. We can emboss your logo or design onto leather and we can hot press emboss onto webbing.


Can you print onto web belts?
Yes, We can print single colour logos and text onto web belts with small quantity runs of 25 belts & full colour pantone printed custom made webbing for 250 belts per design, we offer sublimation printing designs onto continuous rolls. We also offer sublimation full colour printing in both continuous rolls and small runs where we provide full prints in strips.

Are you able to print onto the gift boxes?
We offer this as a service and have our own hot foil machine, and we have the ability  to undertake one off jobs without any setup charges or dies which is unique to us and we can laser cut inserts and apply metal or other designs directly into woodend boxes. We can design your gift boxes from cardboard 1200 micron and plus, solid oak, piano black gloos finish and even custom milled premium circular round boxes.

What is the minimum order qty?
One standard stock range belt-, 25 belts for corporate designs and 50 belts for cast designs.

What is the required quantity for a custom buckle?
250 for clutch buckles, 10 for brass milled, 50 for cast Zamak and we can design a buckle for you with coloured infills or crests. However we also will produce your own designer buckle as a one off special leads times may vary on this due to current high demand.

Can you produce buckles with different finishes?
There are so many options to consider here but yes we can offer enamel full colour,stamped, 3d profiled inserts, doming, cast enamel logos, lacquered, coloured buckles, the list is comprehensive, so please ask.


Can you produce full colour designs or logos onto buckles?
We offer the largest selection of customised buckles in the UK for one off designer buckles to custom cast buckles, please ask us for further details


What is a clutch buckle?
It is a buckle that is commonly used on webbing belts, has a slide mechanism over a knurled roller bar that holds the belt in position, they are available   from us in 25, 30, 35 and 40 mm widths and we can custom make a variety of   finishes and designs.

Are there any setup charges for a design to be incorporated into a buckle?

This will depend upon the requirement, complexity and quantity required, generally speaking we produce a prototype which is chargeable and the charge will vary from £50 to £150 for each design, for special tooling this may be more.


Do you supply to the trade?
Yes we have special rates for appointed distributors, you will need to apply for  a trade  account. We can create your own range of belts for retail customers and resellers as well as designing buckles and belts for your own corporate customers.


What is the largest quantity you have made?
More than 5000 belts for one UK customer delivered in one order.We can produce small or large quantities from our factory in Congleton. We have also just completed over 1200 belts for the Olympics in Rio 2016.


Do you make promotional belts?

Yes we can make any belt, web or leather and matching keyrings and gift packaging for your promotion.


Do you offer computer pattern sewing for combination belts?
Yes, we can even design a special pattern and laser cut a special shape.


Can you engrave our initials and then colour them in so they contrast with the buckle finish? Yes we can design your buckle with one,two or three initials and colour them in. We can also cut our your initials or cut out the initials our of the face of the buckle.


i Want my initials in real silver, can you do that?

We offer a special service of 925 sterling silver initials applied to your belt buckle, each set will include a certificate of authenticity. Large silver letters can also be hallmarked to the front of the letter. All sterling silver letters fixed to our buckles are hallmarked toi illustrate that the silver is genuine.


What else can you make?

Virtually anything in metal - from keyrings, jewellery items, pin badges, gifts all top quality jewellery standard and generally anything in leather or webbing.


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