Devanét® has concluded an agreement with Coniex to promote their superb range of enamels in the UK. After significant testing in a production environment, not only did these enamels perform above similar compeititors, but the ease of application with both large and detailed areas to colour fill was more than impressive. Colours are pre-mixed and supplied in a range of primary colours, which can then be blended to easily form other colour mixes. Being a two part system, the ratios are easy to follow. We have been colourfilling with enamels for over 5 years and Coniex has been exceptionally easy use and they have produced a range of catalysts from the straight forward to products which have pronounced curvature. With curing rates in 30 minutes possible this makes the problems of air curing issues with winter conditions affecting curing a thing of the past,


CONIEX  manufacture their own enamels,  Esmaltex.  They are available in a wide range of colors including opaque, transparent, fluorescent and pearl. Its excellent quality provides a high gloss finish and great resistance to light, impact or abrasion. They also have several types of enamel so that you can adapt it to any piece or surface, be it curved, flat, with edges or that requires greater flexibility.


The products in the Esmaltex  range  are the only enamels without  Bisphenol A  (BPA) on the market. The  BPA  is an organic compound present in the majority of products made of plastic and which is associated have many negative effects to the health of living beings, including mismatch endocrine system, cancer or diabetes. You can visit  this post  to know more about it.


Enamels that can be applied to curved products are now possible, enamels that are flexible and other enamels including flexible doming resins for promotional gifts, logod keyrings and badges.


Coniex enamels are designed for the user, easy to apply, free flowing or thixatropic and even an enamel to help with application of crystals.



Without question, Coniex are not just a manufacturer and supplier, they want to ensure that customers know how to get the best results using their enamels, and the company provides excellent training in all the relevant applications. The training setup you see below is currently undertaken at the head office in Spain but will also be established in the new building Devanet is having extended to include a training facility and showroom at its factory in Congleton, Cheshire. In the interim training is available for small groups in the UK, please ask for details.


Customers who would like to know more about Coniex and enamels, would like to attend a training session or would just like more information, please contact our sales office in Congleton.


Coniex Training facility
Coniex enamel training facility - full also training available at the Cheshire factory


Coniex Training Day
A Coniex traning day where participants learn the art of enamelling and processes


Coniex Training Additives
Coniex Training Additives- correct weighing and mixing procedures



Coniex have established a gobal network of customers who supply or use the range of Coniex enamels, The applications for the enamels extend across many platforms, here are just some of the applications for Coniex:


1) Gifts

2) Promotional items

3) Buttons, clothing

4) Belt buckles. footwear

5) Fashion, fine jewellery

6) Medals, badges, pins

7) Spectacles, glass frames

8) Fine arts, glass, wood, ceramics

9) Photo frames

10) Automotive and sports

11) Faucets and bathroom accessories

12) Fixing of crystals, semi precious stones

13) Keyrings, fridge magnets

14) Hair ornaments, bag charms


These market sectors are just examples of where high quality epoxy enamels can be used.


The chart below provides information on the selection of enamel and catlyst for various applications. Worthy of note is the ability to accelerate the curing cycle and the where high Thixotrpic hardness is required where therre are pronounced curves in the pieces being enamelled. The chart illustrates the Viscosity and Gel time for each Catalyst.

Coniex Cure Chart


The Coniex Range of Colour Options


Coniex colour chart
For the full pdf version which is printable please click on the image


Coniex pearescent colours
For the full pdf version which is printable please click on the image


Below are some examples of what products can be enamelled, they are only a small sample of the extensive range of applications where enamel colour filling can be used.

Coniex enamelled brooch
Coniex enamelled bracelet
Enamelled Brooch
Enamelled Bracelet
Coniex enamelled buckle Coniex enamelled buckle 1
Enamelled Rectangular Belt Buckle
Enamelled Circular Belt Buckle
Enaelled Hairslide Enamelled Jewellery
Enamelled Hairslide
Enamelled Jewellery
Enamelled Keyrings Enamelled Buckle gold
Enamelled Keyrings
Enamelled Gold Finished Buckle
Enamelled Silver Belt Buckle Enamelled Cufflinks
Enamelled Silver Belt Buckle
Black enamel centres - cufflinks
Visa centre bar buckle with black enamel Norton Enamelled Buckle
Centre bar buckle - black enamel visa logo
Enamelled Buckle For Norton Motorcycles
North Staffs League Golf Buckle Union Jack Buckle
North Staffs League Golf Buckle
Union Jack Buckle
Devanet Enamelled Golf Buckle Enamelled Cowboy Buckle
Devanet Enamelled Golf Buckle
Enamelled Cowboy Buckle
Hearthrow Enamelled Keeper Adidas Web belt buclle
Enamelled Keeper in black on silver
Custom Enamel Buckle for Adidas



For questions, data information sheets on Coniex please contact the sales office







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