Sublimation buckles



Devanét® and it's partners have developed a new range of sublimation buckles for anyone to use who has a standard sublimation press. Not just one product but a variety in size and shape with different finishes to appeal to anyone who wants to make a belt. Sublimation buckles are all cast and designed to take a special insert which is designed for high quality full colour prints.


The insert design and finish has been developed using the best product, "Chromoluxe" which is in our opinion proven to achieve a consistent quality result, further development is being undertaken to be able to offer customers bespoke shapes in the UK and cast other products to be suitable for sublimation. We hope to offer our products world wide and are launching the first range at the NEC at Printwear on 28 February 2016.


In addition all the components to make a leather or web belt are supplied in a wide range of colours and options, so that anyone can make a belt. Devanét® provide a full supporting service from it's factory in Cheshire to produce the various items from custom made end tips, to keepers, tab ends already pre-stitched and fitted with easy assembly parts.


Devanét® sublimation products have created a unique opportunity for additional business with the high costs of tooling up every buckle and computer driven processing machinery.



There are buckles designed especially for webbing and those for leather, in addition leather buckles can be adapted with specially made tabs to work with webbing so that the webbing range can be applied to every buckle produced.


Devanét® sublimation buckles are robust, offered in several finishes from brushed to polished, silver to gunmetal and gold and are cast with specially prepared indents to take the Devanét® sublimation plates.


Printing and Fixing

Full colour prints with high definition finishes offering beautiful lustre, with a high degree of scratch resistance can be produced in a matter of a minutes ready to insert into the buckle of your choice. Easy fixing DS matched high strength adhesive backed pads enable you to fix the insert without any mess.



The range is vast from standard leathers to top quality Vegtan leathers, suede and prints can all be produced for you with precut punched holes, keepers and supplied with press studs or specially made screw sets. There are over 10 standard colours and the option of Pantone® matched dyed leather straps can be produced to order.


Devanét® webbing is available in 28 standard colours, with further options and stripes and the ability to custom print designs or logos onto roll material for larger runs. A cutting service is available for special sizes and customers can opt for leather end tips or metal or specially shaped computer stitched and embossed tips. These options have bees determined over the past 5 years from previous requests.



The items needed to make up a Devanét® sublimation belt are made up for each customer and the various options are shown for the customer in the PDF brochure. Instructions and assembly are easy with our standard tool pack we can provide.


Boxes and gift packaging

Devanét® custom make presentation boxes in solid wood with a laser cut sublimation panel to enable you to print a design, message, logo or photo in full colour without damaging the box. Or you can purchase a standard cardboard presentation box which can be plain.


Future developments are already underway to increase the range of products with new quality innovations so watch this space and ask to be put on our mailing list. Devanét® export worldwide, interested parties should email us.

Z11968 Silver Sublimation Buckle
Z11967 Sublimation Belt Buckle
Z11968 Sublimation Buckle Silver
Sublimation Buckle Z11968 Gold
Western 11977 Gold Buckle with Sublimation Insert
Western Sublimation Buckle
Sublimation Buckle Z11977 Gold
Western Silver Z11977 Sublimation Buckle
Western Buckles Initials
Z11968 Printed Sublimation Buckle
Z11977 Western Buckle Printed
Z11971 Silver Printed Buckle
Z11971  Gold Sublimation Buckle
Printed Sublimations Buckle Z11971
Gold Sublimation Buckle Z11971
Sublimation Web Belt Buckle
Web Belt Buckle For Sublimation Printing
Web Belt Sublimation Buckle 40 mm
Web Belt Buckle Any Finish To Order
11935 Web belt buckle For Sublimation Printing
Z11935 Web Buckle 40mm Gunmetal
Z11935 Web Buckle 40 mm Silver
Z11971 Printed sublimaiton buckle
Z11970 Gold Sublimation Buckle
Z11970 Silver Satin Finish Printed
Z11966 Double D Ring Buckle
Z11966 Double D ring Gold Buckle
Z11966 Double D Ring Buckle Silver
Z11966 Double D Ring Buckle Gold
10866-40 MS silver Web buckle
Printed Double D Ring Buckle Z11966
10866-40-MS Silver Web Buckle
Z11967 - Gunmetal Sublimation Buckle
Z11967 Silver Sublimation Buckle
Z11967 Gunmetal Sublimation Buckle
Z11967 Silver Sublimation Buckle
Z11969 sublimation belt buckle
Z11969 Gold Sublimation Buckle
Z11969 Sublimation Belt Buckle
Z11969 Sublimation Belt Buckle - Gold
Devanet manufactures all the components to go with the sublimation Buckles




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