Woven Webbing designer belt



Devanét® designs and supplies bespoke webbing for fashion, sport and the corporate sector from 20 mm to 100 mm wide. Predominantly made for straps and belts with a variety of different textures, woven webbing is available for relatively low run volumes per design.


Customers provide a sketch of the design and ideally nearest Pantone colour, this will then be matched to the nearest standard yarn shades available. Bespoke yarn dyed matches are available but this requires higher volumes to justify the lab dips and dyeing of the yarn.


Woven webbing can take on various designs in including logos, but it is important to remember the end result is never going to be the same as printed versions.


It is important to point out that small text and text generally forms along the weave of the webbing and can be somewhat pixelated, thin text is not recommended as there is not enough body in the design to accommodate required stitch density. Other things to bear in mind woven logos can get distorted especially when there are thin straight lines.


Our minimum order for woven webbing is 100 metres, we create a design for you and send you a visual to approve. This design is then used to make your woven sample. You will normally receive up to 2 metres as a working sasmple to approve. Please note this design and sample fee is chargeable, this covers the graphic elements, visual, setting up of the loom and short run production of a sample.


Woven web belts can be manufactured with or without leather tab ends, with metal or leather end tips. Buckles from Heavy Duty D rings, to custom made buckles manufactured by Devanet in your colour are made at our Congleton Factory. Devanet are specialists in providing branding solutions from engraving, embossing or printing to complement your product to ensure that your woven belt or strap is exclusive with your brand.


Devanet™ will make up straps and belts to order, cut to length and seal the edges for customers, associated metal hardware can be made to fit all types of straps and belts, from D rings, custom made buckles and leather or metal end tips. Ask our sales office for details and a quote.




woven web belts
Woven web belts with abstract design - leather tab ends with antique brass D rings
Woven webbing straps
Woven webbing straps custom made to order
(note these branded web straps are illustration only)
Woven webbing for belts
Custom woven webbing for belts and straps made to order (These branded web straps are not for sale)
Woven webbing 4
Woven webbing two tone colours - custom made to order
Mulit coloured woven webbing
Multi coloured woven webbing
Corded webbing
Corded Webbing for dog leads
Custom made corded webbing for dog leads special colours available


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