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We will undertake one off commissions for you .

Devanét® undertake special commissions for bespoke jewellery gifts and products, ranging from cufflinks, pendants, pin badges, buckles, letter openers, wedding gifts, sentimental keepsakes, birthsign gifts and anything made from solid brass - crystals - cabochons to make the bespoke jewellery a collection piece for the recipient.

From the design idea of a bespoke piece of jewellery starts with a clear brief of the customers idea, the design using innovative modelling software to the machining of one or more elements to make up the final pieces.


Once the machining is complete, several stages are designed to ready the bespoke jewellery pieces for final plating in real silver or 24 carat gold. In some cases the jewellery is adorned with dazzling inlays of Swarovski® Crystals or Cabochons or items supplied by the customer of sentimental value.


Many customers from individuals to corporate clients require bespoke jewellery gifts which are treasured, Devanet® endeavour to capture this uniqueness in the design.


The end results is a bespoke piece of jewellery that is exclusively made for each customer.



This is the story about a gift that was needed for a birthday girl, whose birthdate was 20th February, the birthstone being Amethyst. The brief was to create a unique piece of jewellery for the customer, this required the unique talents of our designer Tamsin who created this beautiful pendant, and so has formed the basis of a collection which will be marketed on our sister companys website The whole item was handcrafted from start to finish, no drawings, no 3d models just talent to be able to design such a piece and work it to completion. The pendant included the silver chain.

Amethyst birthstone Amethyst birthstone pendant




A enquiry a little our of our normal remit, an export potential order to create a British Made incense burner that would be aesthetically appealing, functional and well built, cast rather than spun. The design brief was to be focused on charcoal bricks and Agarwood, so a special grid had to be incorporated in the design. Special motifs requested by the customer were to be added to the top bowl design and branding on the bottom cup included Devanet and the customers logo were profiled in the underside portion.


The first stage was to create interlocking components that included all the elements and produce 3D renders for approval by the customer. After some small additions 3D high resolution prints were produced by us and sent to the customer. These were approved and special moulds were made to cater for the wax models for lost was casting. Two Yasui wax injectors were used to create all the wax parts, from this invesment flasks were made up placed in burn out oven and the parts were than produced in the casting machine.


Thanks to the help of the suppliers of the casting machinery and suitable casting high grade metal we were able to produce correct castings first time. this was not mean achievement as the parts, filigree and size placed them outside the scope of most jewellery manufactures. Devanet completed the finishing process to produce mirror finished complete incense burners, which were then plated in Rhodium, gold and polished brass as options. The total weight of the finished burner is 540 gms. The images below do not do the product justice, but hopefully serves to illustrate the extent of the design capability of Devanet for such bepoke work. The final order is expected to reach over £100,000.


Devanet bespoke incense burners for export



The owner of Retro Red approached Devanét® to develop a bespoke range of buckles and belts for his business. One of the nicest persons you could meet in business, meticulous in his detail and had a clear vision of what was required in terms of a buckle design and finished belt. Working with him over each element we got to a finished product that he was happy with - this took somne doing because there were a few problems with the back of the buckle - agreeing on the height, buckle bar positioning and the prong had to be specially made, the chamfer and angle and the other subtleties had to be accommodated. In the end it was decided to precision mill the items as the it was quite large, weighing 80 grams and casting with a flat back did not give us the quality of finish and precision milling gives a superb finish. The customer wanted a luxury buckle, so it was created in solid brass and plated in various finishes right up to Vermeil gold standard.


The leather belt was constructed from premium vegtan leather, shaped and finished so that the belt could be interchanged in different colours with the buckle. The belts was edge stitched with an agreed pitch and colour. Adjustment holes were punched to facilitate different size options for customers. The products were then packaged is a dedicated custom made box branded inm the Retro Red Colours.


Devanét® worked hard to get to the point that the product was acceptable to the standards that were laid down, but it was also the willingness and patience of the customer that enabled us to get things right and be a part of such a stunning product.


Here are some pictures of the finished articles.

Retro Red buckle and belt  made by Devanet
Retro Red Luxury Belt made by Devanet
Retro Red Custom Designer Buckle and Belt
Luxury Buckle and Belt designed for Retro Red



Devanét was approached byTemperley London for their range of Aviator styled buckles and belts for display at London Fashion Week 2018. To custom design a series of stable styled buckles and suede belts backed by nubuck lining. The project involved a complete custom designed buckle and belt, given the brief from Temperley. We Would like to thank Temperley for the opportunity of being involved in this project and acknowledge any copyright for the images we have used to illustrate the buckles and belt. For our customers, the buckles and belts are custom designed exclusively for Temperley and are not for resale except through Temperley or their appointed resellers.


The design had to be completely redrawn to make the buckles suitable for machining the various interlinked components. The centre focused piece was domed out of solid brass and the logo T for Temperley, 3D modelled and a relief created, There were 4 components, each had to marry up with close tolerances, the issue was that all these items had to be made in less than a week, when they would normally take 4-5 weeks to complete. Being a small specialised company this creates it's own issues, as standard planning goes out the window and unfortunately companies fail to realise the complexity and work that goes into such a project but probably we all fall into this from time to time, nevertheless Temperley did their best under the circumstances to accommodate us.


The images illustrate each component which was CNC machined from solid brass. The parts were assembled and brazed as required, The buckle pin and 60 mm side buckle was designed and made from scratch by Devanet to facilitate adjustment of the belt.


The buckles were finished in gold and silver and although we did not have time to finished the buckles the way we wanted, as we had such a short window to get things done that they were hand plated, we would normally use tank plating for volume work buit this takes over one to two weeks to complete.


The belts themelves were made from Portugese suede hides, which we had imported especially for the occasion, backed by a nubuck liner for softness, the belt edge were burnished, edge dyed then edge stitched to finish.


Overall the project challenge was the timeline, not the technical aspects - Devanet has the technical ability and machinery to undertake most projects and are continually investing and developing as well as gaining expertise in being able to produce complex parts. We have several other projects underway of a similar nature making custom made stable style belts. in the end we finished the day before the catwalk was to take place. We have shown examples of the machined parts, finished product and some of the amazing fashion styles the Devanet buckles and belts were illustrated with.


Temperley RH bar Temperley LH Bar Temperley 60 mm adjuster buckle
Temperley 3Dlogo buckle front
Temperley Aviator Buckle and Suede Belt By Devanet
Temperley London Fashion Week 2018 Temperley London Fashion Week 2018
Temperley London Fashion Week 2018
Temperley London Fashion Week 2018


The story is true and starts with a request to create a series of 8 elements which could be given as gifts to siblings and dad as small keepsakes in remembrance of their late mother. The emphasis was to capture each piece and place it into a holder.

The very nature of the 8 divisions was such that Devanet® decided to create 8 pieces of jewellery that when put together formed the shape of the original cross.


The next stage was firstly to cut the cross into sections and thin it down to a size that would enable each piece to fit into a precision milled holder.


After the wood was carefully cut, a template was made and milled in brass to ensure the complex shapes fitted and adjusted to each template so that the pieces dropped into the brass.

The template was designed with a built in ring so that a chain, jump ring or lobster claw could be attached as required.


Having adjusted the templates and re run the design, the solid brass bar was precisioned milled to the shapes with a recess to house the wooden components. Each part was profile cut ready for tumbling and polishing.


The recess was checked for fitting and processed through three finishing stages to prepare for silver plating for the males and rose gold plating for the ladies.


Each part was then plated in real silver and 24 carat gold and final polish. Each piece of the cross was carefully sanded, with varying grits to first remove the ink marks and then to achieve a smooth blemish free surface.


The wooden pieces were then coated with Danish oil to preserve the wood, each piece was matched to the metal holders and then inserted into the plated pieces. The pieces were then fixed with a special flexible adhesive so that if the wood expanded or contracted they would remain fixed in the plated holders.

The final pieces completed, polished and ready for the customer to come to our showroom and collect in time for Mothers Day. See what the customer had to say about us.


cross part 8

The images below tell the story of the unique way in which these keepsake jewellery pieces were made from what was a wooden cross.

Wooden Cross Cross part 2
Cross Part 3 Cross part 5
Cross part 7

















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