This Alphabet M Buckle and any other letter can be made for you


alphabet buckles manufactured by devanet
100% made in brtain


Devanet® in 2016 embarked on a series of designs that would attract a wider audience for custom made buckles, the idea to appeal to both birth signs with the range of Zodiac buckles and now the alphabet range of buckles and belts. Trade marked under the Devanet brand, the alphabet buckles take on many forms and designs not only for belts but for custom designed pendants, bracelets, dog collars, scarf rings, rings and other alphabet styled initials and gifts.


Made in Britain - 100% of all our alphabet buckles are made in the UK, we can design shapes, symbols, numbers, combinations, animals, birds and zodiac symbols just to mention the wide extent of our capability. These buckles can be custom made from solid brass, or sterling silver and 9 carat gold in virtually any size for you. Embellishments such as Swarovski crystals, engraved patterns, text or logos etc all allowing to be creative. Make up a name, set of initials. or any combination of symbols and letters. These are exclusive to Devanet and all designs are copyright.


In order to satisfy the market demand and customer's individual requirements for their own initials or letter preferences, Devanet® invested in additional processing machinery to provide on of the most comprehensive custom made services from the design of the letters to the integration into the make up of the buckle of piece of jewellery.


Letters from 20 mm to 40 mm, in solid brass or sterling silver, fitted for applications to buckles, pendants, charms, made up into belts with any configuration of letters in a wide range of finishes.


Devanet not only designs the alphabet letter but also offer a wide range of finishes inhouse, from traditional electroplated silver, rhodium, palladium, 24 carat gold, rose gold, gunmetal, jet black but also powder coating in over 300 RAL colours, flocked buckles in 60 colours and Nano Ceramic technology in an advanced protective system to prevent tarnishing, abrasion and makes the products hypo allergenic for those who are allergic to nickel and other metals.


The key to successful design is the ability to create the an appealing product in metal, the alphabet metal buckles can be made in solid brass, bronze, sterling silver or 9 carat gold to order. This service not only provides our customers greater choice, but offers a UK designed and manufactured product.


The other components that create the final finished product can include a genuine leather belt in which Devanet will custom make from a wide range of different leathers, colours and thicknesses, to gold and silver chains, hand made jewellery and engraving options to personalise a gift or productwith your own retail brand. Devanet branded alphabet buckles and gifts are available for sale on the company's gift site or the devanet online shop for wholesale products.


Not only can Devanet design alphabet buckles, alphabet metal letters, but can group letters, to make a name, or can use different font styles to create an exclusive product just for our customers. If you would like your own custom made Alphabet buckle made contact the Devanet sales office or nearest distributor or retailer.




Alphabet letter buckles any size and any width of belt made to order
Just a small selection of colours available 100 Colour options
24 carat gold or polished brass with ceramic top coat any precious metal plating
R-Z brushed titanium finish by ceramic coating - any size made to order
Ceramic mat - satin - glossy colours available Devanet can make any design for you
Gunmetal buckle & leather belt for Hamish 21st 15th Birthday gift for MB
Letter B buckle Z Alphabet buckle
Letter B buckle
Z Alphabet buckle available in 20 colours
Branded letter buckle by Devanet
Individual Letters to make up a name or initials in various colours for 30 and 35 mm wide leather
Inidvidual gold letters by Devanet Silver letters for buckles by Devanet
Gold letters for buckles, charms or pendants Silver letters for buckles, charms or pendants
Name belt cast letters
Your own letter belt designs and made to order Cast Letters designed and made to order
Letter R Buckle Alphabet Slider Letters
Letter R Buckle made from solid brass 24 ct Gold Plated Alphabet Slider Letters in Various Colours
Santa Claus custom made belt buckle Letter E - Euro Buckle (Not for resale)
JH solid brass initial buckle
RL initial buckle embellished with Swarovski crystals
J H initial buckle created in relief RL gold plated embellished with Swarovski Crystals
CE0 initias buckle Letter B custom made buckle
CE0 initials buckle with Swarovski Crystals embellishment Letter B buckle and Keeper custom made
Custom buckle for John Caldwell
Letter V Buckle Custom Made Buckle For John Caldwell (not for resale)



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