Devanet Custom Braided Belt
This belt was custom made by Devanet at its factory in Cheshire - England

Braided belts - made in england


The braided belt you see above was custom made by devanét for one of our distributors, we can make this and any other type of braided belt design to order.


devanét produce a range of braided belts in webbing and real leather, each belt can be custom made to customers requirements, with a host of branding options from solid silver letters, embossed logos and engraved plate buckles.

The braiding is generally custom made to order, the options are varied and braided webbing is made either rigid or elasticated. Options for devanét braided webbing include mix of colours, in styles from stripes to cross over patterns, wide range of colour options, widths from 20 mm to 40 mm as standard, made in continuous rolls.

Leather braiding is produced in strips from split leather, options of the no of braids will depend on width required and size of braiding, the cross overs and finishes of the edges can either straight cut or dyed and finished. Colour options can include Pantone matched dyed leathers to suit but is volume dependant with a minimum of 25 belts plus a dye surcharge for one off hides and edge finishing is a prerequisite for pantone matched braided belts due the nature of the finished hide.

The style and finish of the tab ends are open to many design options subject to new dies being made, this also includes branding options which can be from custom milled badges with logos, to laser etched, embossed or foiled as required.


devanét will design and produce your custom braided belt to your requirements, the selection of the buckles and finishes, include standard prong buckles, studs rather than buckles, plate buckles with hooked prongs, buckles without prongs called magic buckles.

Braided elasticated web belt by Devanet




Devanet braided belt with leather tab ends Devanet braided leather belts with roller buckle Devanet braided belt- embossed
Yellow leather braided belt Blue braided belt Salmon coloured braided belt
Yellow leather braided belt
Blue braided belt
Salmon colour braided belt
Beige leather tab ends
Leather - silver roller buckle
Leather black - embossed
Devaner navy braided belt Devanet brown bnaided web belt Devanet braided with brushed buckle
Navy Braided web belt
Brown braided web belt
Braided brushed buckle



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