Braided Belts
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Devanét® are one of the largest UK manufacturers of custom branded web belts and braided web belts and offer customers a comprehensive and diverse selection of braided webbing from stretch braiding to leather and braiding combined. Although more expensive than traditional web belts, the braided web leather belts are fashionable accessories for both men and women.


From braided, plain colours, stripes and custom woven webbing in widths from 20 mm to 40 mm, Devanét can create just about any type of web belt and with the big advantage of low volume runs starting at 25 for a custom made belt. This exclusive custom service enables the small business as well as larger corporate accounts to have their own branded belt.


Combination braided web leather belts are produced with webbing material as the main component complemented with leather tab ends which can be designed exclusively for each customer. Devanét can produce any style, offer a wide range of leathers and colours and will offer a computerised pattern sewing finish as well as various branding options.  


The leather component used to make up our braided belts is high quality Vegtan leather, the tab end which incorporates the tongue, has normally 5 or 7 holes punched which allows the user to adjust up or down to suit their waist. The holes are 25 mm apart, variances on the shape and style of the holes from round holes ,oval to button hole styles. Customers can have additional features with embossing in the leather, metal custom made tags with logos, to contrast edge dye and finishing.


The buckles for Devanét® braided belts are designed to fit with the customers requirements, from a standard pin style buckle, plate buckle to a custom made bespoke buckle branded or inlaid with Swarovski crystals. Our Braided belts for men, braided belts for women can be made in the styles and colours, but with different widths and buckles.


Retail shops, trade customers, and individual purchasers can have their own designs made with their brand or crest and it is this that Devanet specialise in making for customers. Examples of braided bets and webbing is shown below.


Braided White Stretch belt Beige braided web belt
Braided White Stretch Belt
Beige Braided Web Belt
Braided web belt beige with traditional pin buckle   Brown Braided belt with gold buckle
Beige Web Belt With Traditional Pin Buckle
Braided Belt Brown - Gold Buckle
Braided belt grey- leather covered buckle   Navy Braided belt with pin buckle
Braided Belt Grey - Leather Covered Buckle
Navy Blue Braided Belt with Pin Buckle
Braided Webbing Series 4412

Braided Webbing Series 4412 Made to order

Series 4407 Braided Webbing
Braided webbing series 4407 made to order
Series 4600 Braided webbing
Series 4600 Braided Webbing made to order
Series 4403 Braided belt material
Series 4403 Braided Belt Material made to order
Series 4910 Braided Web leather
Series 4910 Braided Web Leather made to order
Series 4884 Braided webbing
Series 4884 Braided Webbing
Series 4801 Braided Webbing
Series 4801 Braided Webbing
Series 4810 Braided Webbing
Series 4810 Braided Webbing made to order
Series 4252 Braided Webbing
Series 4252 Braided Webbing made to order




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