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devanét buckle sets shown below are examples of standard made to order sets of individual components that can be made to make up a belt. Various finishes are available from Nickel coated and polished to antique brass or antique brushed silver. Widths in millimetres are shown as the last two digits in the product code, however specials can be made to your design subject to die costs and economic production quantities. Subject to demand standard stock sets will be introduced.

devanet buckle set 3368-30
devanét buckle set 3368- 3260-3394-30
Devanet custom buckle  set 3334-3315-3301-25
devanét buckle set 3334- 3315- 3301-25
Devanet 11069-40 set
devanet buckle set 11069-11070-11071-40 (also available in 35 mm)
Devanet buckle set 11219-40
devanet buckle set 11219-11220-11221-00-11297-40
Devanet custom buckle set 3762-30
devanet buckle set 3762-11031-11032-30






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