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Back of watch engraving



Engraving onto jewellery, plaques, glassware, watches and items made from wood, metals in general and glass can be achieved with the right equipment and a clear understanding of what is possible. We have produced this guide to help you decide what options are available from us.


Our Lasers use a high powered beam to ablate the surface to be engraved, it is very accurate and fine detail can achieved, suitable for logos, very small text, deep engraving and colour filling. Laser is limited to flat or surfaces with a shallow curvature. It is not suitable for the inside of rings at present but will be shortly. There are two types of laser, C02 which is continuous wave laser and is suitable for engraving glass, wood and plastics. Our engraving area is 500 x 350 x 300 mm deep.


The second type of laser is a MOPA laser, this works with a high precision beam with short pulses or frequency which can be adjusted to required finish, this premium laser is able to create very detailed clear engravings in small areas. It is designed specifically for metals. Engraving area 140 x 140 mm. The laser has the capability of engraving text to less than 0.5 mm, detailed crests, logos and designs.


Diamond engraving uses a diamond tipped tool to surface etch the item, it engraves in a linear motion and can engrave around circular objects like a trophy or champagne flute, up to 300 mm diameter is possible, with a flat engraving area of 200 x 350 mm and can engrave a bottle of wine or champagne. Most suitable for trophies, metal gifts and glassware.


Key points:

!) Always make a note of the metal or substrate if it is silver or gold or brass, we need to know as this affects the engraving finish.


2) Watches - we need to access the back of the watch, so ensure the strap can be opened, or removed to allow us to have unrestricted view of the back


3) We can engrave text, logos and custom designs with letters down to 0.5 mm high with our lasers.


4) Text style is very important when engraving small detail - script fonts have to be carefully selected and often modified to allow small engravings such as the inside of rings.


5) Deep engraving is available where the area can be filled with enamel - the product and design will need to be submitted for a quotation


6) Precious metals like Sterling silver and Gold are ideally suited to both diamond and laser engraving


7) Brass, diecast products are usually coated with a pre-coat of copper followed by nickel or rhodium  so when the item is engraved the copper may show through so be careful with these products.


8) If a customer requires engraving of text - ask what style script or block font and if they have a preference, the font name - most windows fonts can be used, but note some fonts may not be suitable if they are fragmented.


9) When circular objects are to be engraved it is important that the bottom and top are a uniform shape  and not obstructed in any way otherwise they cannot be held in the machines. This applies to larger objects like trophies, glassware, cocktail shakers and ice buckets.


10) Items which are curved will affect laser engraving up to 2 mm deviation is acceptable, other wise it is limited to diamond engraving only which can follow curves like the edge of a martini glass.


Devanet® offer a diverse range of custom engraving services from one off gifts to branded merchandise or custom branding for our manufactured metal products. We are the only UK manufacture and engraver that will custom make your buckle, piece of jewellery, promotional gift and brand, electroplate, and ceramic coat your product inhouse.




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