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Devanét® utilise conventional techniques as well as automatic machinery to prepare metal surfaces ready for Electroplating, Ceramic Nano Coatings or Powder Coating. This process is the most important part to ensure the metal is suitably prepared prior to finishing, this can involve several stages from fettling, sandblasting, glass bead blasting, tumbling, polishing and ultrasonic cleaning all of which can take several days from creating the machined buckle or cast belt buckle components.


From our customers point of view, Devanét® has a total package of finishing tools in the factory to undertake most tasks to achieve the desired preparation of buckles, jewellery, glass and other metal components, we do not contract out items unless there is a process we feel would be better served by others, this could be where very large batches are concerned, too save time.


Metal components, buckles, jewellery pieces and other metal objects from brass, pewter, aluminium, bronze, 925 solid silver can all be processed, for satin finishes normally used on the back of objects or where the polished surface is not required, glass bead blasting provides as textured surface finish which does not show up finger marks.


Glass can also be sandblasted to create two tone effects where logos or designs are used to create an attractive finish to the article, the same process can be used in preparing metal objects to show off a polish area contrasting with a matt surface finish.

sandblasted glass tumblers
Sandblasted glass tumblers to create two tone effect
Sandblasted metal silver finish

Sandblasted metal to create a satined soft textured surface finish on silver metal. This process also removes or disguises small surface imperfections, especially noticable on large flat areas.


There are various options including glass bead blasting which gives a cleaner finish over abrasvie grit and is more suitable for jewellery and precious metals.

Patina glass bead blasted buckle

Buckles which are glass bead blasted and then applied with a patina finish can be created with aesthetically appealing finishes without the need for electroplating. Surface preparation to make the surface suitable involves deburring and tumbling with stage 1 then bead blasted and finally the patina applied. Different hues can be achieved depending upon immersion times.


Devanét® can prepare buckles for a number of fnishes these can include coloured ceramic as well a tradtional electroplated finishes.

polished brass buckles

Polished brass buckles always look stunning, however it is important to inform customers, that like all bare metals especially brass and silver the items will tarnish or oxidise in air or in contact with the skin unless coated with a clear laquer or Devanets ceramic coating. Polished brass and silver jewllery, belt buckles and brass components can be surface finished from raw casting or machined brass to a high lustre.


Polished 925 sterling silver initials on belt buckle by Devanet

Devanét® can create 925 sterling silver letters and intiials, form them to fit onto buckles, polish them and use a special glue or solder paste to bond them to the buckle. End result is a personalised buckle with intials in real silver.


The surface preparation of the buckle and even special recesses can be made are essential to achieve good results.

Surface Preparation on thermoplastic surfaces

Like any substrate the key to a good finish is the cleaning and surface preparation, with thermoplastic media like Corian, Staron and similar solid surface materials, the techniques in finishing to achieve an appealing result are time consuming and rely on several processes and stages to achieve optimum results.

Corian signage

Corian logo deep engraved into golf signage, so that the sign can be colour filled. The secondary processes involve colourfilling, sanding and polishing to create these stunning golf signs.


Devanét® offer solutions in Corian and Staron for custom made boxes, buclkle inserts, gifts and provide additional facilities for signage with one of our partner customers who specialise in golf signage.

Surface Preparation on wooden products
Carved Wooden box top

Wood is in itself a beautiful product to work with and with hardwoods and even MDF, finishes can be varied to create a finished product that will enhance any gift or product for resale.


Devanét® can design and produce wooden boxes for buckles and gioft to order, the surfazce preparation in each will be completed to order.

Applications for surface preparation in various substrates can be challenging as there are so many variables to consider to achieve optimal results, Devanét® provides a range of services to customers from design, machining, surface preparation and completion of a product.




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