Web Belt Buckles



Devanét® offer customers, bespoke solutions for web belts and web belts buckles whether they are a conventional design or a web buckle that is exclusively designed fro you. Devanét® are the one of the market leaders in design and supply of bespoke branded buckles in the UK and web belts buckles are no exception. With the ability to embellish the plain face with designs text or logos, colour fill, emboss or indent we have a solution.

Putting things in perspective whether it is one buckle or 50,000 buckles, the same level of service and dedication to deliver the right solution for our customers is paramount.

The most important unique feature is our flexibility to design small quantities for web belts buckles to your design or to create a complete branded solution, we have three principle offerings in web belt buckles steel, zamak or solid brass buckles, the quality of the solid brass web buckles manufacture is to the highest standard, often we refer to this as jewellery standard because the quality and finish is top quality and evidence by supplying some of the top and most exclusive brands around the world.


The Devanét® standard range encompasses, kids, ladies and mens web belt buckles in a variety of finishes from gold finished web belt buckles to antique silver web belt buckles.


Web belt buckles are available from 25 mm to 50 mm, the most popular being 35 and 40 mm for Casual web or canvas belts, Jeans Belts, Golf web belts and Workwear belts.



Companies who supply staff with uniforms want to create a prestige image from top to toe, one of the most important accessories is the belt. Devanét® can design your web belt buckle branded with the company's logo in the pantone colour to ensure consistency in the approach to having a corporate identity or we can engrave the logo, emboss the logo into the metal and colour fill the design. Not just content with just applying a logo, we take great care to supply a belt buckle that meets the customers specific requirements whether it is standard or bespoke.


The Materials

Buckles are made in solid brass, Zamac or steel, note that the finish that is applied for our buckles is decided by our design team, traditionally off shore coating finishes especially with pressed steel tend to be low value and wears off relatively quickly.


We offer a range of coatings that enhance the longevity of the product, the standard being 0.1 micron which generally lasts 5 years, 0.2 micron average 10 years and 0.5 micron recommended for shoes or where high resistance to rubbing is required.


Brass buckles can be milled or cast, for corporate projects 25 buckles is the minimum, from 50 and above we offer the customer the choice of cast in zamak where the price is lower than solid brass. Please bear in mind premium quality is always made in brass as the raw material because of the finish that can be achieved.


Lead times

Devanet will supply standard stock buckles within 24 hours of confirmed order, standard designs but not stocked are generally produced on a 3-4 week cycle, but this can be changed according to the urgency and volume required.


Bespoke traditional buckles are designed within 24-48 hours, with a prototype being made in approximately 4-5 working days of approval and a 3-4 week production time on approval of the prototype.

                     These are just a few examples - if it is not shown we can make it

SNT-35 Web Belt Buckle
Z1948-35S Web Belt Buckle 35 mm
Solid Brass Premium Web Buckle 35 mm
MS10866-40 Insert buckle
MS10382-30-59 Web Buckle Gunmetal
MS10444-30 Domed Web Buckle
MS10382-30-31 Silver finish 30 mm
MS10444-30 Doming Various Finishes

Solid Brass Web Buckle 40 mm

Clamshell Web Buckle Black 40mm
Solid Brass Web Buckle
Clamshell Black Web Buckle
Antique Brass Finish We Buckle 40 mm
Clamshell Shiny Silver Web Buckle
Antique Brass Finish Web Buckle
Clamshell Pewter Web Buckle 40 mm
Clamshell Brushed Silver Web Buckle 40 mm
Clamshell Pewter Finished Web Buckle
Clamshell Brushed Silver Web Buckle
Web buckle For Doming
Clamshell Web Buckle For Dome Insert 30 mm
30 mm Web Buckle For Dome Insert
Clamshell Web Buckle 30 mm Dome insert
Clamshell Web Buckle For Dome Insert with Boittle Opener
Clamshell Web Buckle Dome Insert With Bottle Opener 30 mm Webbing
25 mm Web Belt Buckle BB
25 mm Web Belt Buckle Silver BB
Gold Finish Clamshell Web Buckle 25 mm
Silver Finish Clamshell Web Buckle 25 mm
25 mm Web Belt Buckle Black
MS11037-40 Silver
Black Finished Web Buckle 25 mm
MS11037-40 Silver Web Buckle
MS10486-40 Web Buckle Gold
MS11941 25 mm Web Buckle
MS10486-40 Gold Finish
MS10486-40 Wbe Buckle Silver
Custom Made Web Belt Buckle
MS10486-40 Web Buckle Silver
Custom Made Web Buckle and Tip
BB BKM101W_Nickel Matt Military Web Buckle
BB-BKM113D-30 mm Brass
BB-BKM146D-30 mm Nickel Matt
BB-BKM113D-30 mm Brass



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