Sublimation Blanks



Devanét® sublimation blanks are designed for customers who wish to differentiate their product range, either through our manufacturing of metal, wood and plastic sublimation products, specific imported commodities as well as offering a production service in creating inserts for any shape in white coated or plain metal for customers who would like a custom insert made.


We endeavour to create products that are of a high quality rather than price, using special machinery to make these exclusive items that are not usually available. If you have a product you would like us to make or create suitable for sublimation inserts then ask our sales department and we will see if we can help.



Our metal inserts come in a variety of thicknesses to suit your application or we can create the product for you and even mill out the shape in a suitable product to facilitate the insert.


The working area we have is 600 mm x 400 mm and any shape or nested shapes can be cut out within that area. You will need to allow a 3 mm bleed area around each product to allow for the computerised tool to move around the shape.


Our machinery delivers 0.01mm repeatability and accuracy and the finish of the edge is smooth not rippled due to the robust nature of the machine and method of cutting without burning or scorching. Each insert is supplied with a protective film to protect the sublimation coating.


Printing and Fixing

If you not have equipment to print your own product, we offer a printing service for webbing for belts up to 1200 mm long in strips or continuous rolls, for metal inserts and other products we supply - we do not offer a contract print service for other peoples products. We can also provide our printed card board or wooden presentation boxes plain or branded. Our wooden boxes can have any insert custom made for you to fit the lid of the box.



Our strategy is to innovate and develop custom made sublimation products for sale to our customers rather than importing if possible, in certain cases where we have an association with another manufacturer we will import the finished article for economies of scale and to be able to offer competitive prices on what we call commodities. Where we see a benefit we will invest in machinery to secure our self sufficiency.


We purchase raw materials in sheet, bar and components to make up a finished product and our custom made products are made in solid brass, Aluminium, Wood, Carbon Fibre and certain Acrylics. In certain cases we will import raw materials that are not available in the UK to enable us to make a product, however we strive to offer British made as our priority for our customers and we continue to source EU raw materials wherever we can.



We export worldwide for all our own custom made products and have special rates for wholesale and export within the EU and elsewhere. Please contact us for further information.


The items below are just a snapshot of what we can offer- if you would like us to make a product in metal, carbon fibre, wood or Acrylic please contact our sales office.

Business card holders for sublimation
Clocks in various shapes - sizes
Business Card Holders
Business Card Holder Bronze
Medal blanks
Business Card Holder Bronze
Medals Custom Made With Inserts
Salver blanks for sublimation
Salver blank with insert

Salver Trays With Inserts

300 mm Salver With Insert

Salovers with Inserts for sublimation
Cufflinks Rectangular
Salvers 150 - 300 mm With Inserts
Rectangular Cufflinks
Cufflinks with sublimation insert
Cufflinks oval with insert for sublimation printing
Cufflinks Round With Insert
Oval Cufflinks With Insert
Custom made name badge blanks
Custom made hiouse signs with inserts
Custom Made Name Badge Blanks
Custom Oak House Signs With Inserts
Pillb boxes and mirrors
Custom Slate Shapes With Inserts
Pill Boxes and Mirrors With Inserts
Letter Openers with subllimation inserts
Z11969 Gold Sublimation Buckle
Letter Openers Various Shapes
Belt Buckles Various Shapes

Business Card Holders
Silver Coloured Business Card Holder
Business card holder with  insert
DV-CH004 Business Card Holder
DV-CH021 Business Card Holder
Premium Business Card Holder
DV-CH058 Leather Business Card Holder with blank plate
DV-CH066 Premium Business Card Holder
DV-CH058 Leather Business Card Holder
DV-CH031 Business Card Holder
DV-CH059 Business Card Holder
DV-CH031 Business Card Holder
DV-CH059 Business Card Holder

Pill Boxes
DV-PB009 Pill Box with Insert
DV-PB013 Pill Box
DV-PB009 Pill Box With Insert
DV-PB013 Heart Pill Box
DV-PB006 Round Pill Box
DV-PB011 Oval Pill Box
DV-PB006 Round Pill Box
DV-PB011 Oval Pill Box
DV-PB014 Pill Box
DV-PB017 Pill Box Gold Colour Square
DV-PB014 Pill Box
DV-PB017 Gold Colour Square Pill Box
DV-PB018 Pill Box Silver Colour Square
DV-PB019 Rectangular Pill Box
DV-PB018 Pill Box Silver Colour
DV-PB019 Rectangular Pill Box
DV-PB021 Pill Box
DV-PB012 Heart Pill Box
DV-PB021 Pill Box
DV-PB012 Heart Pill Box
Devanet manufactures all the components to go with the sublimation Buckles




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