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Devanet workwear belts

Workwear belts

Devanet designs and manufactures workwear belts for some of the biggest names in the industry, from the initial concept to a retail packed finished product. The potential to see your brand on such a simple accessory has become popular with small and large companies as they seek to find other ways of promoting the corporate image. Lets face it when you supply workwear for your staff, how many think of the belts to hold up the trousers, very few, and yet those that do create the whole package - the smartwear solution. Belts have been around for years and forward thinking companies have added branding to these acessories, whether it is in a restaurant, hotel, factory or office, there is a solution to provide staff with a branded belt that is in keeping with the rest of the clothing whether it is more formal or practical.


This is what Devanet can offer customers, a total branded solution for almost any application from leather to reflective webbing. Devanet workwear belts are designed for our customers to meet requirements from a cast or pressed buckle, pantone matched or printed, embossed or engraved in a style that is fit for purpose.




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