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Full colour logos & designs onto buckles


Devanet full colour printed buckle


Devanet have launched a range of belt buckles that can have full colour logos applied to the buckle, the process which focuses on our standard class metal military style buckles offers customers the opportunity of having coloured logos applied to the face of the buckles. The whole face of the buckle can be used and Pantone matching is available for quantity orders. Devanet can produce any design to cover the full frontal area of the buckle or just the logo on it own. Once the colour has been printed the design is protected with a specially mixed epoxy which is extremely durable.


Limited edition designs are being created for those customers who would like a belt and buckle that is exclusive, these belts will be available from the online shop when complete and customers can have their own design created in full colour. These belts make an ideal gift for weddings, birthdays and special events. Devanet will supply a gift box for the belt with a special message printed on the box for customers.

There is also a new range specially developed for kids belts where licence holders of designs can have these images, cartoon characters, names and custom designs applied to the buckle face, other areas include football club logos, golf clubs, other sports, charities, and societies. Devanet can produce these items with relatively short lead times. Devanet can only accept hi resolution artwork for this process.



One of the latest developments has been the design of our buckles, so that full colour logos can be sublimation printed onto the face of the buckle. The buckles are supplied with a special coating that facilitates the application of sublimation transfer paper and will work in a standard heat press with a special silicone pad set. The quality is stunning photographic images that can be applied from company logos, wildlife, club crests, photographs of virtually any design can be applied. Devanet provides a fulfilment service and supplies the trade printer with the necessary components to undertake the work themselves and enter new markets.


Buckles for full colour are either completely white or just have the top face coloured white with the special coating, so that buckles can match the belt strap or contrast for effect. The belt straps are all fitted with end tips which are available in matching colour to the buckles, buckles can be supplied in any RAL colour to order. The advantage is that virtually any size belt can be made from kids to 6XL and are easily assembled just by opening and closing the special clamp at the back of the buckle. Devanet provide full support to the trade printer for these applications. Special sublimation coated belt material is available for volume users.


Devanet- full colour Tommy T logod belt buckle Deanet coporate logo in coloour on belt buckle Devanet full colour logod belt buckles
Devanet full colour logo design to belt buckle Devanet full colour logod  Pryors Hayes belt buckle Devanet Regimental full colour buckle
Devanet Ful colour Designs on web belt buckles Devanet full colour heart design on web belt buckle Devanet full colour flower design on belt buckle
Devanet belts full colour logo web belt Devanet full colour lgoo web buckle Devanet full colour logo belt buckle
Devanet full colour belt buckle Devanet insert buckle witHh Irish flag Devanet full colour belt buckles
Devanet Printed belt buckle Devanet full coloour web belt  buckles Devanet full coloiur web belt buckle
Devanet full colour logod belt buckle Devanet Full Colour logo design onto belt buckle Devanet full colour logoweb belt buckles
Full photgraphic quality by Devanet
These images are not for resale and are purely to illustrate designs we can produce





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