Devanet phone case cover shot

Custom made phone and ipad cases

Devanet® has added on a new range of bespoke phone and ipad cases to complement the company's portfolio of leather goods. Combining the technology of 3D modelling, and molding with different resins, special customer defined phone cases and Ipad covers can be produced. Coupled with Devanet®'s 3d print facility, bespoke phone cases can be made for any type of phone, with branding, logo or initials. Several types of material can be used to protect the phone.


Real leather, whether it is printed or natural dyed is the premium finish to any phone case or Ipad cover and can be selected from swatches held at the factory or visible on the website. From Vegtan leather, Ostrich, Crocodile, Snake prints to Suede and Hair on Hide leathers the choice is diverse to differentiate the phone case or Ipad cover.


Options include carbon fibre, kevlar and alufoil backed leather, are available to special order for any standard phone design or tablet.


Additionally phone pouches, slide in, popup, or flip top phone or tablet designs can be created for customers, branded with their logo. Some examples of the different finishes, styles and types are illustrated but no means cover the extensive range that can be designed and finished.


Dye sublimation phone cases and ipda covers with metal inserts can be supplied and printed at our Congleton factory to order, full colour hi resoluition printing is available on phoine cases and ipad covers.


Laser engraving of metal inserts, phones with aluminium or metal backs is offered to customers who may require bespoke designs applied, ideal for corporate of personal gifts, Devanet® offer a design service for any type of laser engraving.


Devanet phone  popout cases
Popout cases with tab, optional magnet on rear for vertical mounting various leather options
Popout leather phone cases by Devanet
Popout cases with tab, optional magnet on rear for vertical mounting various leather options
3D Printed phone cases 3d Printed blanks for phone cases
3d Printed Designs to order for almost any phone
3D printed blanks for phone cases
Sublimation printed fliptop phone casae
Sublimation printable flip top faux or optional real leather phone cover - various colours
Ostrich Phone case Wooden insert phone case
Ostrich leather covered phone case
Wooden insert plastic border phone case
Pouch popup real leather phone case Real leather custom phone case
Real leather popup phone case
Real leather custom phone case with crystals
Snake skins phone case snakeskin swatch for phone cases
Snake skin leather available in 8 colours for phone and tablet cases
Hair on hide leather phone cover with magnet Flip over phone case
Black hair on hide phone case wih built in magnet
Flip over Ox hide real leather phone case
Suede phone cases
Suede leather phone cases
Suede leather phone cases available in over 20 colours - made to order with or without magnets
Vegtan leather phone cases
Vegtan leather phone cases - Pantone matched colours available design & branding to order
Ipad Crocodile leather embossed case
Ipad or Tablet Crocodile printed case made in 6 colours with pockets to order
Vegtan real leather Ipad covers
Real leather Vegtan Ipad or Tablet covers made to order with branding as required









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