Cameo brooches example we can design and manufacture (vintage and modern)

Devanet® embarked on a mission to offer bespoke jewellery to customers from the one off commission to collections made and branded for the customer. The tradtional approach of making buckles and components was similar in some respects but in others the ability to use our design skills and modelling software to create art in metal and precious elements was somewhat different.


Developments in the production of Cameo style pendants, the raw materials, the print and enamelling conjured up all sorts of challenges in little things like shrinkage when setting stones against the casting etc all this had to be taken into account and we are still learning every day. However the challenge, we are now able to produce scintillating pieces in pendants, charms, earrings, watch chains with fobs, bag plates, bracelets, brooches and gifts in sterling silver, gold and plated brass.


From the conceptual phase of the jewellery design to the 3d print, wax and then casting or programming the CNC, these processes are all staged elements in the approval for our customers to ensure that we have interpreted the design, the dimensions are right and the raw material and finishes are in accordance with the customers wishes.


As a UK manufacturer the key aspect of being to control the environment to some extent in how we purchase raw materials, how we manage inventory and the processes we use to produce any item of bespoke jewellery or anything else, enables us to be more efficient and purchase volumes when needed rather than overstocking inventory, in this way we can offer customers the facility of small order volumes and minimum orders are currently 25 units for resellers and one offs to 5 units for small retail outlets and individuals.


So what is required from a customer in terms of the brief, most important is a clear and unambiguous specification together with dimensions, and if possible a CAD drawing, stl file for 3d print/casting, if this is not available then we can accept a sketch with relevant detail as we have graphic design facilities to create the design for you.


Once the design has been completed and a quote produced, Devanet will send a visual to the customer for approval, following that the next stage will be confirmation of the production dates depending upon which manufacturing process is used, in some cases certain raw materials may need to be specially ordered such as gemstones, crystals or cabochons. In certain cases, collections of several items will normally be grouped with other orders and so delivery for one item may be different for another, for example wet moulding leather will not be done at the same time as machining or casting.


Our aim is to produce top quality bespoke pieces of jewellery for our customers, we invest every year in new technology to improve our services and technical competences across all spectrums of manufacturing so that we can offer competiitively priced products with the big advantage that we offer a totally integrated range of services at our Cheshire factories.



There are some caveats, that during lockdown and tier restrictions - delays are inevitable. and we ask customers to be mindfull of this as these situations are beyond our control.


Bespoke pendants created from a wooden cross Bespoke bracelet style buckle and belt

Custom made incense burners for a customer in Kuwait
Amethyst birthstone pendant Bespoke jewellery from buckles to gifts
Clodagh buckle custom made A bulding block gold plated with initials
Rose Gold chain belt for wedding dress Made for Santa Claus




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