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Devanét® have invested in machinery so that not only can the company produce finished goods more cost effectively and consistently but also provide services to other companies who do not have access, funding or space to house a wide range of machines. Over the past 16 years, Devanét® and it's sister companies in the group have integrated many of the processes and so here are some of the services we can offer to other companies and traders. Whist we may be a small company we strrive continually to improve our technology in applications in the design and production of a wide range of metal, wood, plastic and glass products. Our aim is a totally integrated facility for our customers.


Processing and Supply of leather and webbing components - finished products

We can supply Pantone dyed through leather hides in Veg Tan Leather as skins or as processed components from 1.5 mm thick to 4.5 mm. This will include die cutting, skiving, strap cutting and embossing as required or making up complete products. We have an integrated facility to undertake design and manufacture from the initial supply of leather dyed to your requirements to completion of the finished article or just the components. Our webbing can be converted to ready made straps, stitched, cut to length and punched or set with eyelets.


Devanét® convert coated webbing with antibacterial and waterproof properties, stitch webbing or cut webbing to length off the roll, design printed webbing in full colour with designs or stripes with short runs, Convert webbing products into finished belts, sashes or other components.


Design - Prototyping - Branding - Production - Plating - Powder coating - Ceramic Coating

CAD/CAM Design software with 3D modelling, CNC milling of non ferrous metals, wood and plastic components, creation of relief designs and depp etched logos for colour filling, complete products and design for signage, plaques, buckles, metal jewellery, corian and wood signs with a field area of 900 x 700 mm custom made to order. Plate buckles, leather covered buckles, recessed buckles, gold and silver plated and solid silver buckles.

High speed galvo marking solutions on metals within a field area of 175 x 175 mm, Virtually unlimited workpiece size, subject to economical handling of the product. Laser engraving of metal parts, buckles, coding, and deep engraving of brass and aluminium components and buckles to customer requirements. CO2 laser cutting and engraving of plastics, wood and glass.


Devanet® invested in small to medium run plating services for customers who require gifts, buckles, components plated to order in a range of finishes from nickel, real silver, 24 carat gold, rose gold, antique silver brushed silver and gold, gunmetal, antique brass and silver.


Powder coating of buckles, wood, glass and plastic goods in over 300 RAL colours, 11 metallics is an additional service to plating where innovative solutions in colours can be applied to the various substrates.


Devanet® acquired the know how and licence to provide ceramic coating to jewellery, buckles and metal components to the trade, this process offers customers enhanced performance in respect of anti tarnish properties, abrasion resistance and other elements foir salt spray in marine applications and above all the resultiung product after successfull ceramic coating is hypo allergenic making it suitable for people who have allergies to metal substrates.

CNC Machine installed at Devanet
Devanet High speed fibre laser
CNC Milling and routing of metal parts
High speed galvo fibre laser engraving
Pattern Sewing
Devanet Pattern Stutching Servicie
Computerised Pattern Sewing of Complex Parts Eficiently
Devanet Double Prong Web Belt
Devanet Edge Stitching Leather services
Cutting, Punching, Riveting, Stitching of Web Belts
Edge Stitching Leather Service
Devanet Edge Skiving service
Devanet Die Cutting Service
Edge Skiving Service for leather
Die Cutting Services
Devanet Embossed Winston Tag
Devanet diecutting and sticthiunbg of carbon fibre laminate
Embossing of Leather and Webbing Services
Die cutting and stitching of Carbon Fibre
Vegtan dyed through leather
Devanet Webbing supplies and cut parts
Supply of Dyed Through Veg tan leather
Cutting, Supply & Stitching of Webbing
Brown leather straps cut to size
Devanet Leather straps made to order
Production of straps, cut and punched in various colours - Pantone Matching available
Leather Strap Cutting by Devanet
Devanet Belt components
Strap Cutting from 2 mm to 400 mm widths
Custom Made Belt Components
Devanet Electroplating services
Devanet powder coating services
Electroplating Services 8 finishes available
Powder coating services
Ceramic Coated Belt Buckle By Devanet
Deep engraved brass master
Ceramic Turquoise Coating on Belt Buckle
1mm deep engraved brass master



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