devanét offer a diverse range of specially cast buckles with some intricate designs, the art of transformation of pewter into shapes and buckles that make these belts stand out from the ordinary. Complemented by a diverse range of belt options,the Alchemy range of belts offer the customer the opportunity of having their own styles and colours.


Each buckle has been carefully designed and moulded and is complete with a universal attachment designed to take a belts in various sizes. Each belt has 7 adjustment holes spaced 1" (25.4 mm) apart, so the user can fit the belt to suit their waist size.

To make selection easier we have produced a belt sizing chart to provide with the range of waist sizes that are most appropriate for you. SIZE SELECTION CHART

devanét supple a complete range of easy to fit belts with press studs in as many as 12 colours and others to order and we can also offer a complete stitched in buckle to size for you. We can offer the belts in split hide leather in 12 colours, full hide in black and brown and webbing in over 20 colours. We have shown the belt style and types below.

if you want to order any of these items please email us with the buckle number belt style waist size required and colour and whether you want it plain packaged or in a custom printed gift box. We can also provide personalised embossing on the belt for you just let us know what you would like embossed. Whatever you want in a belt we will do our best to help you. email

ILLUSTRATIONS ARE OF finished products to order email us

devanet Alchemy Blet buckle DEVB8 Devanet Alchemy belt buckle DEVB9 "The grip" Devanet Alchemy belt buckle  DEVB12 "Archangel"
DEV-B8 The Alchemist
DEVB9 The grip
DEVB12 Archangel
Alchemist Rex Alchemy belt buckle B14 WOLF HEAD Alchemy belt buckle B23  BLACK  WIDOW SPIDER
B13 Alchemist Rex
B14 Wolf Head
B23 Black Widow Spider
Alchemy belt buckle B24 nosferatu's hand Achemy belt buckle B37  Ossa Ravenhead Alchemy belt buckle B49  Medusa's Daughter
B24 Nosferatu's hand
B37 Ossa Ravenhead
B49 Medusa's Daughter
Alchemy belt buckle  B58 Chao Star Alchemy belt buckle B65 Lamentian Skull Alchemy belt buckle B66 Gramilion
B58 Chao Star
B65 Lamentian Skull
B66 Gramilion
Alchemy belt buckle B69  Omega Skull Alchemy betl buckle B73  Razor Love Alchemy belt bucjkle B74 Wulven
B69 Omega Skull
B73 Razor Love
B74 Wulven
Alchemy belt buckle B75  Letter of Marque Alchemy belt buckle B78 Death Script Alchemy belt buckle B79 Black Romance
B75 Letter of Marque
B78 Death Script
B79 Black Romance
Alchemy belt buckle B83 The vultures eye Alchemy belt buckle B84 Rosenteins Galvanic matter transpositor Alchemy belt buckles B85 Anima Machinato Futurus
B83 The vultures Eye
B84 Rosenstein Transpositor
B85 Anima Machinato
Alchemy belt buckle B88 No Evil Alchemy belt buckle B89 Dracul's Creed Alchemy belt buckle B90 Necronaut
B88 No Evil
B89 Dracul's Creed
B90 Necronaut
Alchemy belt buckle B92 Empire Reminton Patent Dermal Inducer Alchemy belt buckle B94 Gestalt Skull Alchemy belt buckle B95 Ram's Skull
B92 Empire Remington
B94 Gestalt Skull
B95 Rams Skull
Alchemy belt buckle ULB3 Tattoo Gun Alchemy belt buckle ULB5 Death Rod Alchemy belt buckle  B77 The Gordons Eye
ULB3 Tattoo Gun
ULB5 Death Rod
B77 The Gordons Eye


Devanet alchemy leather belt black Devanet Alchmy leather belt white Devanet Alchemy Fuschia leather belt
38 mm black leather
38mm White Leather
38 mm Fuschia leather
Devanet alchemy belt green leather Devanet Alchemy yellow leather belt Devanet alchemy red leather belt
38 mm Green Leather
38mm Yellow Leather
38 mm Red Leather
Devanet alchemy Blue leather belt Devanet alchemy purple leather belt Devanet Alchemy burgundy leather belt
38 mm Blue Leather
38 mm Purple Leather
38 mm Burgundy Leather
Devanet Alchemy brown leather belt Devanet alchemy babny blue leather belt Devanet alchemy lght pink leather
38 mm Brown Leather
38 mm L Blue Leather
38 mm Light Pink
Devanet Alchemy web leather belts custom made






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