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Custom full colour branded buckles

Devanet golf belt with magnetci ball mafker

devanét have introduced a series of full colour branded buckles which can be individually created with your own design or logo. There are several buckle styles available for 30mm, 35 and 40 mm leather and web belts. Other options and custom designed buckles can be produced for customers. These new additions offer endless possibilities to promote a brand, golf club, society or corporate logo.

A brand new buckle has been designed with some innovative features, the addition of a gripper plate which obviates the need for stitching or quick release systems and most importantly a universal belt size can be stocked which can be cut to length for any waist size. This devanét proprietary buckle the DV10866-40 has a dome area of 30 x 51 mm and will also take a leather patch instead of a dome which can be embossed with a company logo.


Each buckle is the range can be plated and finished in gun metal, brushed satin, or polished nickel to order. Standard stock finish is polished nickel.

SERIES DV10866 - 40 Black webbing SERIES DV10381 BLack leather belt
Devanet betls welsh flag buckle devanet belts UK Flag buckle
SERIES 10866- Welsh flag buckle
SERIES 10866 Press stud belt
devanet belts scottich flag buckle Devanet Belt buckles with Irish Flag
SERIES 10381 - Scottish flag buckle
Magic Buckle with Irish flag
devanet belts race flag buckle Devanet belts vintage buckle
SERIES 10381 - Motorsport buckle
SERIES 10866 Vintage colour buckle
Devanet plate buckle wit leather patch embossed DEVANET 10866 buckle with leather insert
Leather insert embossed on buckle
Leather insert on 40 mm web buckle
Web Belt 35 mm full colour logo
Devanet gold belt with magnetic ball marker Devanet goft boxed golf belt with magetic ball marker
DV10309 Belt magnetic ball marker
Boxed golf belt magnetic markers
devanet golf belt with magnetic markers Devanet full colour logo on belt buckle
Golf buckle with magnetic markers
DV10308-09 Full colour leather belt
Devanet HappyMeal belt buckle for web belts Devanet 31729 with JCB coloured logo
DV31739-40 full colour logo on white DV31739 - 40 3 coloured JCB logo
Devanet DV040 Gunmetal with JCB logo Devanet belt buckle designed for the TOMMY T junior golf tour
DV040-gunmetal 3 colour JCB logo
DV10587 Design Tommy T Tour
Devanet 10381-35 designed fro Baker Hughes Devanet golf buckle with ball marker for Pryors Hayes Golf Club
DV10381-35 Design Baker Hughes
DV10309 For Pryors Hayes
Devanetbetls- colour filled belt buckle with leather belt Devanet Custom made insert buckle with full colour logo
DV10381-35 Vagrants custom belt
DV10440-30 Fire & Rescue Service


All buckle logos displayed on this site are purely for illustration purposes and do not imply endorsement by the owner of the logos. These branded buckles are not for resale. Contact our sales office for your own designed belt buckles.

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