Devanét® has been developing a range of Vegan leather products in cooperation with a number of innovative manufacturers of this environmentally friendly product.


Natural Vegan leathers, Cork of course is a natural vegan leather, which when created with other products are sustainable, can be recycled, are environmentally friendly and possess many benefits in the make up of belts, hand bags, wallets etc. It is waterproof, stain resistant, interestingly harvested cork absorbs more Carbon Dioxide than unharvested cork. In hot climates like Portugal cork is more sustainable over other trees because it's bark does not burn easily. Most cork leathers are backed with a fabric to improve its structural integrity when created as sheets or rolls.


We love Cork leather as it is a natural earth friendly product, it can be processed in so many ways, it is sustainable and above all Cork leather is versatile and can be made into so many different products with a little ingenuity.


Devanet® have developed a range of Vegan leather cork products and are working with other cork producers to offer a wide range of this socially and eco friendly natural products, from belts, wallets handbags, key rings, corporate gifts and home accessories.


Brown cork belt black cork belt
Brown Cork Belt Black Cork Belt
Turquoise cork dog cllar Black cork dog collar
Turquoise Dog Collar Black Dog Collar
Pumkin cork dog collar Red cork dog collar
Pumpkin Dog Collar Red Dog Collar
Lavender cork dog collar Brown cork dog collar
Lavender Dog Collar Brown Dog Collar



A new product we have found and tested has to be one of more innovative products more suited t our needs, certified by the LCA as the most sustainable product againts any other fake leather, it is also USDA bio preferred. It is PETA approved.


So what is it made from, it is made from Corn, it is classified as a PU because it is made up of the polyols from corn and PU and because is it bio based rather than oil based, it is sustainable. Because it does not come from a petroleum based product it is more environmentally friendly, has less impact on human health or climate change.


The material comes in rolls, sheets and production cut and finished components, belts and finished small leather goods. It is ideal for bags, shoes, sports applications and name tags in adddition to many other potential innovative products.


Rolls are as standard 1400 mm wide and come in rolls, Devanet supply this material in two thicknesses, 1,5 and 3 mm, 3 mm is two ply laminate suitable for belts, straps, dog leads and dog collars,


Vegan leather belts






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