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CNC milling of brass buckles by Devanet


Devanét® designs and machines a myriad of different products for customers, from CNC machining of brass components, aluminium special inlays, gifts and sublimation blanks to custom made Corian, Staron or similar solid surface materials to wood, MDF and plastics.


With inhouse modelling software, creating customers designs from scratch is a service not manyUK buckle suppliers offer, the service enables both small and large companies to have thier own bespoke buckle or component made in the UK, where both quality and delivery can be controlled more effectively. Devanét® has produced a wide range of CNC machined components and bespoke buckle masters for future lost was casting or molding.


Design software enables the company to produce 3D visuals for customers and rapid prototypes before machining or casting, customers are urged to supply good quality scalable vector artwork to ensure quality results. Customers who do not have the facility to create their own artwork, can use Devanet's designs service.


CNC machining is limited to a footprint of 600 x 400 mm for standard vacuum bed applications, larger work up to 1200 x 900 mm is available for bulk orders only.


Examples of CNC machined parts are shown below


of Euiro buckle CNC milled by Devanet Bespoke solid brass CNC machined brass buckle by Devanet
Euro buckle machined from solid brass
Bespoke solid brass machined buckle
CE0 solid brass machined belt buckle Deep milled soplid brass bullding block
Solid brass machined belt buckle
Deep milled solid brass building block
Solid brass metal decor belt by Devanet Stable belt custom made from solid brass by Devanet
Solid brass machined Decor belt
Stable belt custom made in solid brass
Brass end tips for ladies coat belt Custom milled brass buckle with black inlay
Custom screwed brass tips for ladies coat
Custom milled brass buckle /black inlay

At each and every stage of development, it is sometimes difficult for customers to realise the detail and time required to achieve the end result on some complex projects. Nevertheless we endeavour to be creative in our problem solving techniques and as we learn from experience we gain a better understanding how to speed up the processes involved. Rest assured new ideas and investment with suppliers and partners we work with are involved to ensure we improve everything we do in the design and production of metal components.


Our abilities have broadened with the additonal facilities of rapid prototyping and casting in various metals to provide customers with even better products.


If you would like our help in developing a product please contact our sales office by phone or email us with the details of your project.





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