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Welcome to the Devanét® website, our aim is to provide all our customers with an exclusive custom product made at our factory in Cheshire. With inhouse extensive support from Cad drawings, 3d modelling, CNC milling, Casting in brass, bronze, pewter, silver and gold and working with various other substrates like resins, we can supply virtually any buckle to your design, whether is it a belt buckle, shoe buckle, bag buckle, metal component or clothing buckle, complimented by a full range of pantone matched leather and printed webbing to complete your project.

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Devanét® are well placed to support customers with a comprehensive range of design, modelling and production all in the UK. With the ability to create designs and rapid prototypes, offering both machined and cast products with a myriad of finishing solutions to complete your project has many advantages. Over the past 7 years Devanét® has continually invested in machines and technology to be able to provide a totally integrated solution for metal components, buckles and now added to the facility is bespoke jewellery in sterling silver, gold or plated solid brass. In 2022 the company formed partnerships with other key suppliers to ensure that competitive supplies could be maintained across a wide platform of materials.

Our custom belt, buckle designs, metal components have been extended to jewellery and specalised applications where we create finished products. We offer creative design, machining, casting services and a host of production facilities from mfettling, polishing plating and enamelling. Our latest developments include special anti tarnish ceramic coatings for brass, silver and gold jewellery.


Although we specialise in making components in metal, wood, leather and plastic, we can also create products with crystals from Swarovski® and other inlays. Recent investment in 3D laser engraving and high powered 180 watt C02 engraving means we are a vertically integrated manufacturer and can offer customers a total solution. Our designer belt buckles and components are manufactured from a select range of metals then milled or cast and finished to customers requirements, in this area we are the only UK manufacturer that we know of that will undertake one off bespoke designs in brass, stainless, sterling silver or gold and brand them with the customers own mark.


Devanet has made an effort to provide a total packaged solution from concept to finished product, in metal, web and leather goods. Continuous investment in new ideas and technology means that we are one company in the UK that can offer our customers a solution for small to medium volume products. We offer customers who are start ups the opportunity of being able to develop a metal component exclusively branded for them with low runs from 25 pieces.


The finishing options offered inhouse by Devanet include, electroplating in Rhodium, Palladium, Gold, Nickel, Patinas, Silver, Nano Ceramic, Cerakote, Powder Coating and Flocking, New developments in cobalt chromes will be online shortly to offer high polished chromed products.


In 2020 Devanet collaborated with a innovate manufacture to create a range of VEGAN leather products, rolls and sheets for the trade. the combination of being to offfer Pantone matched vegan leather with short runs and a new leather look alike in 3 mm thickness for the production of belts and similar are now available on a made to order basis.


Later in the year after testing across different materials, investment was made so that the company could offer a two part ceramic coating to provide a greater range of colours on the metal components that we supplied. The extensivie testing undertaken by the parent company were robust, and demonstrated a proven legacy for enduring performance, used on military hardware, automotive and similar industries, devanet now have an inhouse coating service for the full 2 K ceramic range - Now we can develop Pantone matched colours on site for trade customers.


Devanét offer one of the best branding solutions for metal components in the UK with high precision Pantone colour filling, diamond engraving, laser photo engraving, 3d engravingt, embossing, laser etching, sublimation printing, transfer printing, high speed galvo laser engraving, crystal and cabochon inlays and other branding solutions are available. We also offer precision deep engraving and cutting of all types of metals steel, stainless 304 and 316, plus aluminium, brass, wood and plastics.

Devanét services include Graphic design and visuals, for the manufacture of jigs for sewing, for engraving, creation of bespoke jewellery and metal components.

Devanét supply a huge of bespoke fashion belts, smart casual, fringe belts, jeans belts, workwear belts, sports belts and golf belts, handmade from high quality webbing, real hide leather or Vegtan leather. We can pantone dye match both leather and webbing to order and can print full colour onto webbing.


Devanét® is the onky UK designer and manufacturer of bespoke sublimation belt buckles, custom shaped sublimation blanks and custom made sublimation products made in solid brass. Devanet will create sublimation blanks complete with inserts for anyone with a sublimation printer to produce thier own designs.

One of the key attributes is our ability to custom make with relatively small order quantities and offer customers considerably more flexibility. We also offer a bespoke gift packaging service which includes foil print or embossing of logos on the boxes as well as custom made boxes made in cardboard and wood..

Our ability to provide customers with a one stop design and production facility in the UK means that we can respond quickly to demand and avoid expensive stock holding of products from offshore supplies,


Devanét® works with outstanding partners who supply us special components, leather and raw materials to enable us to serve our customers with more than just a product - Exclusively for you. Made In England. Our European partners and factories we work with around the world for special components, raw materials and chemicals are all proven quality and have been working with us in some cases for over 15 years.


With the ethos of continued learning and innovation Devanét is endeavouring to become the supplier of choice for customers in fashion, leather goods, sport and business for custom made metal goods, web and leather products.


If you have a specific enquiry and would like our help on design or manufacture, please contact our sales office, we have a small 250 sq ft. showroom at our leather factory In Cheshire where you are welcome to visit and see the range of products we can offer.

The Devanet factory in Congleton Cheshire




Laserable leather is a new innovative and product that opens up many potential markets for small retailers, corporate entities, promotional, sport and fashion.


With over 20 base colours and contrasts which when engraved creates fine stunning results. Available in rolls, sheets and gifts asa well as a bespoke service.

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Our new Stainless steel range of designed jewellery, components, keyring blanks and engraved custom made by us in 316 stainless steel. other options in solid brass aluminium to order.


Virtually any shape made to your design, Wholesale and retail options and engraved if required. Bulk and wholesales enquiries welcome.

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Devanet introduces a new ceramic, 100 incredible colours, in mat, satin and gloss coating services on metal compoents and other suitable parts & subtrates.

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Your own custom made belt buckles designed, modelled and produced with your own logo. Our minimum order only 100 pieces in a range of finishes from gold, silver, rose gold, gunmetal or ceramic coated colours. Any style of buckle, pin or roller, clamp or reversible, plate or, western style, 3d, engraved corporate or retail, we can create it for you.

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Devanet creates a new zodiac birth sign range in solid brass, 316 and 304 stainless steel. custom made as pendants, charms, buckles and belts, keyrings, cufflink gifts earrings, scarf rings. All can all be custom made, protected with Ceramic, a robust hypo allergenic clear gloss or matt coating from tarnish and abrasion resistance.

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Custom designed and made jewellery pieces to order in cast brass, bronze, sterling silver and gold. Corporate and promotional gifts to your design. Rapid prototyping, 3d print service.

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Vegan leather a new range to bring an alternative into our portfolio of leather belts, components and gifts. Supplied wholesale in rolls, sheet and die cut parts. 12 colours in our classic range, 5 styles and bespoke available to order. For belts, shoes, bags and name tags with a new embossing grade.



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