Crystal buckles and gifts
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Devanét® is able to create designs and produce buckles, metal jewellery, pendants, belts, cufflinks and bespoke elements embodied with crystals. Working predominantly in solid brass to facilitate the quality of finish required and using dazzling crystals by a famous Austrian supplier, we are a licencee of this suppliers crystals, but not allowed to publish the name under the termns of the agreement, this applies to all fabricators in 2023. Devanét® is able to offer customers bespoke solutions in a variety of sizes and colours.


The crystal buckle or crystal jewellery piece will first be created in modelling software, simulated and then toolpaths set for each layer to achieve a precision milled item. The next stage is to tumble, polish and plate the buckle or jewellery piece in silver or 24 carat gold plate and then insert the crystals.


It is important to mention that the whole process is more involved than traditional buckle manufacture as each crystal is inserted manually. Various grades of crystals are used to suit each piece. All buckles, gifts and jewellery pieces made by Devanét® are adorned with crystals from genuine quality crystals.


Designer Crystl Buckle Crystal Brooch
Pendant necklace with diamante Charm Pendant necklace
Custom bangle with crystals Custom Crystal Initial buckle



Each design we create whether it is a buckle or a piece of jewellery, from a bangle, pendant, set of earrings, necklace or gift is created using 3d modelling software from which a 3d model is created.

The model is than exported so that a mold can be created to cast or machine the product. During this process the components are designed to take specific shapes and sizes of crystals, these crystals are known as flat back, convex and around 8 different shapes from round to cushion are available. In addition each group of crystals are precisely sized from 0.8 mm upwards so that they fit into select pieces of jewellery. Devanét® stock the more propular sizes of crytals but are able as a licenced fabricator to buy virtually any of the standard shapes, and have the option for special cuts subject to volumes required.

For customer confidentiality, we are not able to display all the pieces we make, suffice to say we have made items for some of the worlds famous brands. If you require a commissioned piece using crystals, we require a complete brief and specification, this can be emailed to our factory in Cheshire.






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