ABOUT Devanet

Devanét® is a brand that has become synonymous with the creation and production of custom made belts and buckles. Founded on the principle of "custom made", to offer customers greater choice and creativity when purchasing belts. So rather than buy offshore, it was decided to produce the belts, gifts and leather products in the UK. The decision was taken as speed of delivery, flexibility in design and finally the ability to supply on demand small quantities were key strategic elements.

devanét® started the brand with our sister company before going alone in 2011, we decided to go Limited in 2014 when we became part of the RWM group and since then we have formed partnerships with the best in the business for supplies of top quality components that make us stand apart from our competition and our new factory in Cheshire has enabled us to expand our operations and fabrication to offer customers a custom solution.


Today Devanét® has continually sought improvement in process and equipment in what has been a long learning curve and where local advice has been unavailable, many mistakes were made along the way to find solutions, simple things you took for granted and where so called experts gave you advice and it turned out to be wrong, meant that extensive research, trial and error, testing were fundamental elements in the manufacturing processes and raw material sourcing. Now with several key partners in provision of equipment and raw materials, Devanét® is able to design and produce virtually any buckle style and belt to order.


Equipment investment in manufacturing at a time when the manufacturing of belts and buckles was virtually non existent was a tough decision that had to be taken due to the frustration of not being able to offer small volumes to customers, this was also created by suppliers who were only interested in big ticket orders or who were inconsistent in supplies. Customers who ran small businesses and wanted their own identity and brand on their products came to us, it is a consequence of these enquiries and that fact that no one else in the UK was interested in making small batches of precision machined bespoke buckles from solid brass, that investments were made by Devanét and now the company with state of the art modelling software can offer any customer their own product.


So what is so different about the devanét brand, it is not about being able to make a belt that differentiates us, it is our willingness and determination to make products that challenge innovation that separates us from the traditional belt maker and above all make a product that can be personalised or branded for the customers own product range.

With our strategic partners, we are able to create both practical and high perceived value products for retail and corporate customers.

Devanét® offer a complete design service for buckles from cast alloys, machined solid brass bespoke designs, standard cast solid brass pin style buckles, pewter and resin cast buckles and pressed steels with logos, designs, 3d profiles, colour filled or stamped.

With inhouse computer 3d modelling, design and CNC machining, Devanet® can produce a new prototype in 24 hours if required, no longer do UK customers have to wait weeks or months for a product once approved for production, the solution is with a British company that has invested in design and equipment to enable it to offer customers a total solution from start to finished product.


In addition with finishing and plating services provided by the company from it's factory In Congleton, means that customers can have their product made from one source within a short cycle time.

More recently in January 2018 developments have been made on the the use of ceramics on our products, providing enhanced abrasion and tarnish finishes to buckles and metal products. The use of cataphoresis and technology in being able to provide a cost effective improvement for marine where salt spray is prevalent, work related, retail and sport environments where abrasion resistance is important and in the jewellery industry where tarnishing is an issue. The ability to coat our products and offer over 16 standard colours with the potential to mix custom colours is a service Devanét can now offer customers.


Devanét® offer the largest range of branding solutions in the UK for our belts, buckles and gifts and are continually developing new ideas to create products that help small and large customers achieve their goal in promoting their own brand from concept to packaged product.


Devanét® now designs and produces a myriad of different products from belt buckles, cufflinks, signage, awards, sublimation blanks, jewellery, dog collars, leather belts, web belts, printed belts and supplies some of the UK's best known brands with it;s products from work to sport.



Devanét® supply a range of top quality webbing in rigid and active stretch up to 2 mm thickness in a range standard selection colours and striped versions with the options of having your own pantone matched colour and design for volume orders. There are over 140 colours, styles and width combinations giving our customers great freedom of choice and a host of custom design options including full colour PANTONE® matched printed belts to your design. A military grade and special braided options are available.


Belts widths are available in 20, 25 , 30, 35 and 40 mm, 50, 65, 75 and 100mm widths as standard with custom made widths available on request.


There two specific types of web belt the Active series which possess stretch characteristics which are sometimes preferred by our customers who would like a little give in the material.


The second series of web belt is the rigid series these are the more traditional webbing for belts. The range extends from 25 mm widths up to 50 mm.


The style and type of webbing offered is from flat, smooth, profiled or braided.


Belts can be made to any waist size range, standard sizes are from waist 24" to 60" inches or 61 cm to 152 cm in length. For more information on web belts. We also specialise in kids belts, and can make up a complete range of printed, striped or plain web belts to order.



Devanet® leather belt range extends from the traditional pronged style belt to the designer plate buckle style. The leather belts are available as stitched, with a special grip plate or with a "Snap2system" which enable the wearer to switch from one belt colour to another using the same buckle, Chicago screws, extended pin buckles where no stitchjing on f the belt is required and the customer can change colours and belts in a matter of seconds. The more traditional bartack or profiled stitched in buckle is available to our customers.


Devanét® leather belts are supplied in a wide range of leathers from Vegtan , Chrome, Suedes, Patent, Snakeskins, Exotic print to Butt split hides depending upon the colour that is requested. Split leather belts are available in numerous colours are slightly more flexible whereas Vegtan top quality leathers can be Pantone® Dyed to match designs or corporate colours, generally are used in the mid to top end quality range. Belt widths are available in 15mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm and 38 mm up to 100 mm. The Snap 2 belts are only available in 35 and 38 mm widths. Special shaped belts and designs are made to order.


Leather belts with our clamp fixing system are supplied 1250 mm long for and 1065 mm long for ladies and kids. The important element is that the belt is supplied without the need for waist measurements as the user can trim the belt to suit their exact waist size with the special clamp provided. This obviates the need for stocking or buying belts of a specific size and for our resellers this makes stocking a whole lot easier and for those customers who want to give some a gift and don't know their waist size, it makes perfect sense to buy a Devanét easy fit belt.


Of course we can stitch your belts, and have our own inhouse computerised pattern sewer for complex stitch profiles as well as the ability to make all the pattern templates and holding plates ourselves saving our customers money in the setup of a stitch design. We have everything from heavy duty leather stitching to sew leather up to 20 mm thick to fast profile stitching.




Devanét® custom made buckles are designed to offer the wearer a range of options for size, finish and style. Devanet® design the buckles to your requirements and the finish is to what we refer to as jewellery standard, top quality brass based that will surprise you with the premium finish we can achieve and the nuances we can add to make the buckle exclusive for you from Swarovski crystal elements to Pantone® colour filling and etching.


Clutch buckles

Devanét® web belts are produced with clutch type or clamshell buckles as standard from 25 to 40 mm, options of decoration from diamond engraving, laser engraving, colour filling, embossing and full colour milled and filled logos to the creation of a complete custom designed buckle is available.

Special Pantone® matched colours and finishes are available to order and cover a wide spectrum of colour from satin brushed, gunmetal, shiny nickel, bronze, English brass, antique silver, chrome, a powder coated and rubber coated colours and now powder coated or ceramic coating is available.


Plate buckles

Devanét® plate buckles and prong buckles include over 3000 styles, colour, shapes and sizes with the option of custom casting available. We offer two standard options solid brass or Zamak. Brass finished buckles are available from one off specials to whatever the customer requires - more expensive than Zamak but superb quality and finish, recommended for discerning buyers who demand a premium product. Standard Zamak buckles are produced from 50 buckles upwards and is sill to a high quality but is not up to the same standard as solid brass. Zamak is used more for the Corporate or promotional market where goods are more price sensitive.


Devanet produces cast buckles in Pewter alloy to order, brass masters are made or rapid prototyopes for cold molding, followed by molds to cast the Pewter. Minimum order for casting is 25 units in Pewter.

The buckles include reversible options as well as standard bar style. Buckles are made of solid brass or Zamak zinc alloys, polished and then plated and finished using electrostatic means to ensure a good quality finish.

One of the most important aspect about any Devanét coded buckle you purchase is the consistent finish and overall quality and all our components and leather hides are made in the EU. We manufacture all our belts and leather products in the UK and are proud to put Made in England on our products.

Cast buckles

From the design to prototype and finished product, devanét design buckles in house for all sorts of applications from clothing, shoes, belts, bags, furniture and promotional products. Virtually anything in metal for small and large customers from fashion designers to gift suppliers. We provide a unique service being able to design and produce a prototype in just over a working week from approval to a completed product in 4-5 weeks, however this times can change with demand, so please ask our sales office. There is a small service charge for the prototype the least expensive of anyone we know. The service we offer is an exclusive service which enables our customers to develop their own brand without having to order large quantities. We take care of everything from design to completion and packaged product. Exclusively for you - by Devanét®


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