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Devanet Custom Tumbling, Gunmetal, Gold & Silver & Ceramic Plating Services

Devanét® offer metal finishing, tumbling and plating services for small and medium production runs. Devanet® gold plating, silver plating and custom antique plating, gunmetal plating services are offered for small and larger projects, up to Vermeil standard. The company has it's own creative design, CNC machining to effect repairs to certain products, and offers a whole range of finishing from polishing, plating to powder coating.



Devanet® tumbling operation has been specially designed to tumble metal components, removing any burrs or sharp edges so that the polishing operation can take place. Operations from rough edge removal to polishing to a mirror finish are part of the service.


Several stages are involved - the 1st stage is more of an abrasive action to remove debris and roughness - the 2nd stage is to smooth out the surface of the component - 3rd stage is to create a prepolished component ready for plating or pwoder coating.



Removal of rust and surface imperfections in metals are possible with the Devanet® abrasive and glass bead high pressure airblast system which prepares the metal surface for further work and improve the final finish of the component before completion.



Once Devanet® are satisfied the part is ready for plating, the process begins in preparing the items so that it accepts the right amount of coating for the application. Here is where we are different to the typical flash or strike coatings that are placed on buckles, we plate our buckles specific for each project as specified by our customer.


Plating services include




24 carat Gold




E coating in 20 colours


Devanét® have had professional training in the application of it's plating materials and offer practical advice of the merits and benefits of the plating finishes offered to customers.


The plating services offered include silver plating, rhodium plating, 24 carat gold plating, 18 carat rose gold plating, gunmetal plating, nickel plating, replica chrome plating, antique silver and antique plating brass on metal components.



Electroplating of plastics, wood and glass are all possible with the correct pretreatment of the substrate. Devanét® is able to create the environment for application of silver and gold plating for items such as golf balls, plastic ornaments, wooden wine boxes, glass bottles and crystal wine and champagne flutes for special occasions.


Devanet® offer a complete packaged service from ultrasonic cleaning, polishing and repair where necessary.


Devanét® are the only company in the UK to provide inhouse design, mill, polish and plate but also offer extensive branding facilities across a wide spectrum of machines from Galvo lasering to sublimation printing and not least Devanét® buckles and gifts adorned with crystals from Swarovski®.


Electroplating services from our factory in Congleton Cheshire, to the whole of the UK and we export our products worldwide.



Rhodium plated pewter booties 24 carat gold plated firemans axe
Rhodium plated pewter booties 24 carat gold plated firemans axe
Gold and silver rings Rose gold metal belt by Devanet
Silver and Gold Rings Rose gold metal belt by Devanet
Incense burner made by Devanet Gold plated incense burner by Devanet
Rhodum plated incense burner by Devanet Gold plated incense burner by Devanet
Stable belt nickel plated by Devanet Stable belts made by devanet nickel plated
Nickel plated stable belt Stable belts part 2 made by Devanet
24 carat gold plated jewellery 24 carat gold plated buckle by Devanet

24 carat gold plated jewellery

24 carat gold plated custom buckle




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