flocked belt buckles custom made to order



Devanet® provide a flocking service and a range of custom made flocked buckles, boxes, belts and other products to order. The process of offering a range of sueded or flocked metal hardware has been limited in the fashion world with many designers using fabrics and standard leather to create the matched look of a suede belt.


Devanet in conjunction with an expert on the processes involved invested in the facility to produce custom flocked or sueded metal hardware such as suede belt buckles, suede hand bag buckles and suede shoe buckles as well as other components. This has since expanded to custom flocked packaging, foam, plastic and wood products.


Flocked or sueded products are produced for our customers with different finishes, over 70 colours and the strand lengths can be made from under 1 mm to long lengths depending upon the effect that is needed.


Another feature is the ability for Devanet® to create the flocked or sueded surface in defined areas where the other parts are masked off so a two tone effect can be created, this applied with buckles where one part shows the metal component the other the flocked or suede area.


Because the flocked and sueded applications are made at Devanets Congleton factory where the buckles and other products are also made there, provides customers with a totally integrated solution from design to finished product.


If you would like further information on creating a sueded or flocked product for your company, please contact our sales office.


Flocked 30 mm pin buckle with reversible clamp by Devanet Flocked breather set for helmets
30 mm flocked/sueded buckle and loop Flocked custom made breather set for hats
flocked pin buckle by devanet Flocked custom made pin buckle by devanet
Flocked pink buckle by devanet flocked brown buckle
Flocked pink buckle and belt Flocked brown buckle and belt
Custom made flocked box custom mae black flocked box by devanet
Custom made red flocked box Custom made black flocked box

















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