fibre laser


Devanét® have extended their investment of their branding solutions offered to customers with the addition of a high speed Class 4 laser. The technology of this machine is superb with options for hi speed deep engraving and cutting of components. The new laser is designed as an open platform and the wave form and frequency settings allow Devanet to provide high detail over small areas which in turn can brand small components such as rivets, Chicago screws, bag components, D rings and buckles to name but a few..


Deep laser emgraving by Devanet


The open footprint and an engraving area of 140 x 140 mm ensures that large items can be lasered, this accomplishes two things for our customers, the first that flat objects such as signage can be engraved and secondly the extended engraving area offers customers more freedom in their choice of branding.


Devanet can now offer customers a range of laser options on the following materials Steel - Titanium - Stainless steel - Aluminium - Brass - Copper - Nickel - ABS - Coated materials - Plated metals - anodised aluminium - Various plastics


The fibre laser complements the existing Devanet branding solutions, with C02 lasers, diamond drag engraving, embossing, Embroidery, CNC milling, transfer printing, precision colour filling and sublimation printing. Devanet is the only company in the UK that offers the total package from design of a component to manufactured branded product in any of the choices the customer requires, to add to that Devanet will produce small quantities for pilot projects as well as low run production items to help customers launch new products.


Buckle lasered by Devanet liberty buckle gold finish by Devanet

Buckle logo'd with high speed laser

Custom made buckle for Liberty

fibre lasing gold medallion

Chicargi screws lasered by Devanet
Fibre Lasering Gold Medallion
Fibre lasered Chicago Screws
Raw Adidas Buckle Rio Olympics 2016
The Adidas finished buckle for Rio
]Colourfilled logo buckle - DevanetBelts
Custom Made Lasered Buckle
Deep Engrave & Colour Filled

Deep Engraved brass buckle

Deep Engraved & Swarovski Applied
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