UK Manufactured Custom Designed watch straps & watch buckles

Custom made watch straps

Devanét® design and manufacture many special leather products noen other than custom made watch straps to the trade. From the range of vegtan leather hides to exotic leathers and embossed printed leathers all of which can be made to order.


There are a range of sizes to fit both men and women:

•Ladies small 150 mm to 170 mm standard to 220 mm

•Mens small 175-190, 200-215, 220-235.250-265 mm

Please note that special cutting dies are required for watch strap sizes, customers must provide size chart of requirements of the total length of strap excluding buckle, plus the lug width in mm.


Devanet watch size chart - length


Lug size guide by Devanet


There are 3 common styles of watch straps which can be made by Devanét®:

The classic watch strap laminated top and bottom leather watch strap, edge finished and dyed, fitted with different buckle options, standard spring bar or quick release spring bar. Two pieces of fine leather are precision cut to a given dimension, the parts include punched holes so that accurate spacing and sizing of punch match the belt buckle. The two pieces of leather are joined together with special adhesive and placed under pressure in a jig to ensure there are no air holes and the leather is bonded porperly. Two loops are made, ends skived, glued and pressed, in some cases the leather is folded over so there is no raw edge, other less expensive models are edge dyed and burnished. The edges of the straps are placed into a computerised pattern sewer or walking foot sewing machine, depending upon thread type and style and stitched to finish the edge of the watch strap. The buckle can be a traditional plated buckle, stainless steel or sterling silver as required.

Various coloured finishes for the buckles are offered from traditional plated silver, rose gold, 24 carat gold, brushed silver or gold, gunmetal or just polished brass. Other custom made watch buckles such as solid brass, sterling silver or 9 carat gold designs can be made to order for customers.

Classic Smooth leather watch straps
The Padded watch strap: is similar in many respects to the Classic style of watch strap, the main difference being a padded section in the middle of both parts of the watch strap. This is usually accomplished by what we refer to as a filler strip, normally made of natural undyed leather or similar, which is designed to create a padded look and feel. The filler strip needs to be accurately cut and in some cases, the edges are bevelled or shaped to create different effects, this we design with custom made die sets which we make oursleves. The padded watch straps are more expensive due to the time to create the padded layer. The construction of the watch strap is different as a heated press tool is used to form the shape. In addition diiferent contrasting threads are used to highlight the padded section or the strap colour.
Padded Watch Straps

• The third style is the exclusive designer watch strap, here nothing is set in stone, where everything can be changed from the shape of the ends, the padding is varied to create different appearance in the front of the leather, the type of leather might be printed embossed with a special pattern. This is the where the customer can create their own exclusive design, from the buckle itself and cast in solid brass, sterling silver or 9 carat gold. Devanét® will design the watch strap from a detailed brief, model a buckle in 3D for the customer to see before casting the item. Raw materials like carbon fibre, kevlar and autofoils as well as other leathers can be used to make a designer watch strap range.

Designs take normally 7 days to produce, this is usually a visual and technical specification, at the same time a quotation is produced for creating the prototype and producing the watch strap. Prototypes can be produced in 2-3 weeks subject to complexity. once the customer has signed off the design and prototype, an agreed schedule is made to produce the designer watch straps in the various sizes and colours.

Designer watch strap Designer watch strap mens
Designer watch strap ladies Designer Watch strap ladies 2
Designer watch straps custom made to suit your watch - style - colour - fix method - finish


Some examples of watch straps which can be made to order
Brown Edge stitched watch strap Cross stitched padded watch strap
Brown edge stitched patterned watch strap
Cross stitched padded watch strap
Custom watch strap nickel buckle Custom baby blue watch strap
Custom watch strap nickel buckle
Custom baby blue watch strap
Milled leather watch strap Custom  watch strap slotted prong holes
Milled leather watch strap
Slotted leather watch strap
























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