Devanet® use several different methods to deep engrave metal and other objects, these include laser and CNC smart engrave functions to deliver intricate detail and depths for colour filling or just creating a raised profile for embossing. The importance of the design for deep engraving is critical and suitable file formats are required such as eps, dxf or DWG or other outlined vectors, especiallu where text is concerned. Significant depths can be created depending upon the artwork, tight small intricate detail is best served by laser, larger areas can be deep engraved using precision tooling on our CNC machines.

Engraving with our hi speed MOPA laser enables us to deep engrave our brass components with precise detail with text as small as 0.5 mm high and even less except you cannot read it. The ability to create brass masters for molding with ultra precision makes the job easier for the spin caster to deliver optimal results of customer molded items with designs or logos. In addition the if the deptsh of more than 1 mm are required then we will CNC mill the detail and with diamond tipped an specially coated milling tools we can deliver precision finishes in model board, brass or aluminium.


Logos, designs and special contours and shapes are possible with a combination of CNC profiling and laser engraving to provide customers with an exclusive product or component, that can be finished in a wide range of colours and coatings. Below a typical examples of either milling or laser deep engraving that can be applied to a design.

Deep engraving on brass requires some special techniques and equipment to do the work, the maximum we have been able to achieve on a complex item is 1 mm depth, for normal colour filling 0.5 mm is ideal. The system used by Devanet allows for highly complex letters and design elements to be deep enngraved in preparation for brass masters for casting Pewter or simillar metals or for proudcuction of wax molds for lost wax casting.

Devanét® undertake special commissions from customers to produce special one off buckles or from trade customers who require our services in the creation of a brass master, which will be used in their casting process.

Lion design Milled buckle sample
CNC Milled 3D Feature Machining
Layered Design Finished In Silver
Deep Engraves brass master
Precision Deep Engraved Brass
Deep Engraved 007 buckle
Deep engraved Congleton Golf logo
MG Owners club buckle
Zodiac milled buckle Virgo milled buckle
Silver finished Zodiac buckle
Rose Gold Virgo buckle
Web belts buckle Buckle montage
Military logo on web buckle
Buckle Montage Illustrating Designs



In addition to precision laser and CNC milling for creation of designs or logos devanet has a range of other branding solutions where examples are shown on our website, these include:


    • Colour filling of designs to lift the design or apply the corporate colours

    • Diamond Drag engraving for both rotary and flat surfaces

    • Embossing of leathers and similar products

    • Cast logos and designs which are then applied to the product

    • Fibre lasering of logos and designs in various finishes

    • Sublimation printing of full designs on to metal and other substrates


The whole idea of branding services offered by Devanét is to provide customers with a good choice of methods to brand their product in the most effective way, this Devanet does at its factory in Congleton - it is not contracted out, Devanet have made significant investment so the work can be accommplished on the premises, so control of the finish and output enables the company to offer a cost effective total service to customers.


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