D ring web leather belt Gunmetal D ring belt

Custom made "d" and "square d" ring belts

devanét custom made D ring belts are available in Stainless Steel, Nickel, solid brass, gunmetal and leather covered. The D rings come in three shapes, round, D shapes and square as standard. Special fabricated shapes and coating options are available including powder coated colours, these are specially made to order and are subject to minimums depending upon requirements.


We can add leather end tabs to specific shapes, laser etch or emboss the company logo onto the end tabs, this creates an exclusive products for the company, club or user. Special colour combinations of webbing and leather are available to order.


devanét offers a whole option range of end tabs or metal tips all of which can be made with custom branding in a number of ways. End tabs in leather are die cut to specific shapes then computer stitched to the webbing. Metal end tips come in standard form with serrations to bite into the webbing or can be made with solid plated brass or aluminium and screwed and the webbing specially shaped to fit the end tips, along with custom branding options - these are bespoke and subject to minimum orders.


D rings can be custom made in any shape or size from 10 mm to 100 mm in cast or precision machined. Machined options do not require molds or waxes and therefore there is some saving on these costs, but the cast opption although more expensive does allow for more flexibility in the design.


Devanet ™ will create custom made D rings from a minimum of 25 units of one style and size. The company offers over 120 colours in the ceramic coated range and traditional electroplating colours in the precious metal finishes.


D ring  Round ring Square ring
Standard Welded D ring
Round Ring
Square ring
devanet D rRing Gunmetal dv3699-40 Devanet D ring DV6058-30 brass Devanet D ring DVDR40 Nickel
DV3699-30 35, 40mm Gunmetal
DV6058-30, 35, 40 mm Brass
30, 35 ADN 40 mm Nickel
Devanet Stainless Steel D ring Devanet D ring 0S4588-35 devanet D ring 0S4587-40
Stainless Steel 30, 35 & 40 mm
DV 0S4588 - 35 mm
DV 0S4587-40 mm
Devanet D ring 7637-35 brass Devanet 7788-30 D ring shaped Devanet 6823-40 brass
ITM7637-35 Brass

D ring belts can be produced with plain, metal end tip or leather end tabs and there are a wide range of colours, striped and tape options that can be manufactured to customer requirements. Devanet can custom make your D ring belts. There are widths from 15 mm to 100mm all custom made plain or branded..


Devanet also provide custom printed webbing as well as other forms of decoration to order. The range of webbing and standard collections is available in rigid and active stretch webbing, from standard military grade 2 mm thickineess to premium grade 3 mm thick webbing. For colours and range please see webbing collections.


            D ring belts sample gallery

Devanet BL14-40 d RING BELT style 2111
BL14-40 D ring belt 40 mm wide Style 2111
Devanet BL14-40 D ring belt style 1150
BL14-40 D ring belt Style 1150
Devanet D ring belt BGG220-40 with leather detail
BG220-40 D ring with leather detail
Devanet D ring belt with leather tabs
BQ25-40 mm with leather end tabs
Devanet D ring belts BQ25-40 LEATHER TABS
BQ25-40 mm leather end tabs
Devanet D ring with leather end tabs
BQ25-40 mm leather end tabs
Devanet D ring belt 5070  40 with brass D rings and leather end tip
Grey DV5070 - 40 D Rings belt with brass D rings and leather end tip
Devanet  D ring belt with brass D ings and leather end tip
Black D ring belt with brass d rings and leather end tip
Devanet printed d ring belt 40 mm stainless steel d rings
D Rings stainless steel - custom printed in Pantone 485c 40 mm wide
Devanet D ring 5735-35 with leather tabs
Custom made D ring belts with gunmetal D rings brown leather tab ends






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