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  Devanet smart corporate leather belt

devanét custom made leather belts range from traditional pronged belts with 1 leather keeper and buckles in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each belt buckle is custom made with a range of finishes from satin nickel, gunmetal, English brass to antique silver and can be designed with keepers to match the buckle.

OUR pronged leather BELTS

The picture opposite illustrates one of the smartwear range of pronged leather hide belt custom made in tan leather with two keepers to hold the belt in place and stitched and edge dyed. Other pronged buckle types are shown below. Buckles can be custom made to order as well as belt widths, colours and styles.

 Prong style leather belt examples

Devanet reversible leather belt White 40 mm leather belt tan edge stitched leather belt
35 mm Reversible Nickel
40mm white leather
35 mm Tan Edge Stitched

DV_Prong leather beltsDV Prong belt silver by devanetDVH0500

30mm - Brass
30 mm - Nickel
30 mm - SQ brass
35 mm - Gun metal
35 mm Stainless
35 mm Nickel
40 mm - Studded Nickel
40 mm Antique Silver
40 mm SQ Nickel

Embossed leather

One of the most decoratvie features in leather is embossing, there are two main ways in which leather belts can be embossed, through a roller press or stamped.  Each process requires a die made which under pressure creates the embossed effect. Stamped leather can be enhanced by use of special materials to create a contrast against the body of the leather, a technique we use when embossing logos onto the tongue of the belt or keepers. Here are some examples of embossed effects onto leather. Please note that all embossed logos or designs are custom made to order and there will be a die charge for each design.

dv05sce4 DV-EMBOSSED1 DVembossed2

35 mm embossed LF

30 mm embossed PT 32 mm embossed TN
Embossed38mmtan-small 25 mm embosssed belt small DV-embossed black belt
40 mm embossed TN 25 mm embossed BK 30 mm embossed BLK


Devanet ladies leather betl buclkle 10775-15 Devanet ladies leather belt buckle 10419.15 Devanet ladies leather betl buckle 10348-15
DV10775-15 mm
DV0149-15 mm
DV10348-15 mm
Devanet reversiible buckle 10728-30 Devanet reversible leather belt buckle 10729-30 Devanet reversible leaher betl buckle 10730-30
DV10728-30 Reversible
DV10729-30 Reversible
DV10730-30 Reversible
Devanet reversible leather belt buckle 10744-30 Devanet reversible leather belt buckle 10745-30 Devanet reversible leather betl buckle 10746-30
DV10744-30 Reversible
DV10746-30 Reversible
30 mm satin nickel 30 mm Gold Finish 35 mm Gun Metal
35 mm Satin Nickel 35 mm Bright Nickel 38 mm Nickel
40 mm Antique Silver 40 mm Antique Brass 40 mm Gun metal



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