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Buckles standard range

devanét have developed a range of standard buckles to suit most applications for work, sport and casual. They fall into two main categories, plate styed buckles and prong style.


devanét web belt buckles are mainly slider or clutch type, which utilize a knurled bar slider which grips the webbing and holds it effectively in place. These buckles are either pressed steel or cast zamak and come in 3 sizes 30, 35 and 40 mm.

Pressed steel web buckles come is an array of finishes - please see the table below. The standard finishes are stainless brushed face, chrome polished and gunmetal, all oher buckle finishes are made to order in lots of 100 per colour - see chart below

Each web belt comes with an end tip fitted. The new 11941 Wweb belt buckle is a cast premium belt buckle available in gunmetal, brushed nicklel, shiny nickell, old english brass and antique silver. The end tip is made in leather for 11941.

Devanet 25 mm web belt DV11941-25 nickel Devanet web buckle 25 mm back Devanet web buckle 25 mm poliched gunmetal
DV11941-25 mm Nickel Devanet 11941-25 back Devanet 11941-25- Gunmetal
devanet web belt buckledevanet gilt web buckleDevanet Clutch buckle
30 mm wqeb buckle
35 mm brass web buckle
40 mm stainless faced buckle
Devanet 40mm clutch buckle Devanet 40 mm clutch buckle back Devanet web buckle end tip
30-40 mm chromed buckles
30-40 mm Belt End Tip
devanet belt buckle black reverse engraved devanet belts dv11037-40 mm cast military buckle devanet flag buckle range
Black reverse engraved
DV 11037-40 Cast web buckle National Flag buckle range
devanet welsh flag buckle devanet St George flag  belt buckle devanet racing belt buckle series
35 mm Welsh flag buckle
35 St George web buckle
35 mm Motorsport buckle
Devanet Scottish flag belt buckle Devanet 10486-40 plate web buckle Devanet 10382-30 web belt buckle
35 mm Scottish flag buckle
10486-40 mm plate buckle
10382-30 gunmetall
Devanet 10369-35 web plate buckle Devanet CAS31117-40 mm  Web belt buckle nickel finish
10866-40 insert web buckle 10369-35 web plate buckle CAS31117-40 Nickel
Devanet CAS31973-40mm Antique silver satin finished web belt buckle Devane CAS210721-40 MM quick release web belt buckle in black plastic coated Devanet- CAS31117-40 MM Embossed web buckle
CAS31973-40 Antique silver CAS210721-40 Black QR CAS31117--40 Embossed
Devanet DVSS40 stianless steel lasered engraved belt  buckle Devanet DV31973-40 Antique silver web belt buckle Devanet Epoxy full colour buckles
DCVSS40 Stainless Steel DV31973-40 Antique silver Full Colour Print Epoxy


pressed steel web buckle finish options

Devanet can opffer a wide range of colours and finishes including rubber coated, powder coated, plastic coated and plated. Available in 3 widths 30, 35 adn 40 mm as standard. All special colours are made to order for our customers.

Devanet pressed steel chrome buckle finish Devanet pressed steel buckle platinum finish Devanet pressed seteel buckle gunmetal finish
10 Chrome
11 Brushed
12 Gunmetal
devanet buckle finishes antique silver Devanet buckle finishes shiny niclel Devanet buckle finishes matt gold
6 Antique Silver
7 Shiny Nickel
2 Matt Gold
Devanet Antique gold buckle finish Devanet Buckle finish shiny gold Devanet Buckle finish powder coated
3 Antique Gold
1 Shiny Gold
Powder Coated Colours

 Prong style  buckles

devanét prong buckles are designed for both web and leather belts and come in 4 widths for web belts,25, 30, 35 and 40 mm and 5 widths,15,25, 30 35, 38 and 40 mm for leather belts. Other standard prong buckles will be featured with ready made belts in the online shop. For special buckles please go to our custom buckle range. The buckles can be supplies in other colours to what is being shown, please ask for coloours that are avilableto order. The buckles you see are only a small part of over 3000 buckle styes and shapes.

Devanet ladies leather betl buclkle 10775-15 Devanet ladies leather belt buckle 10419.15 Devanet ladies leather betl buckle 10348-15
DV10775-15 mm
DV0149-15 mm
DV10348-15 mm
Devanet reversiible buckle 10728-30 Devanet reversible leather belt buckle 10729-30 Devanet reversible leaher betl buckle 10730-30
DV10728-30 Reversible
DV10729-30 Reversible
DV10730-30 Reversible
Devanet reversible leather belt buckle 10744-30 Devanet reversible leather belt buckle 10745-30 Devanet reversible leather betl buckle 10746-30
DV10744-30 Reversible
DV10746-30 Reversible
devanet leather buckle DV0510-30 devanet belt buckle leather dv0500-30 gilt Devanet leather belt buckle DV0504-35
30 mm satin nickel
30 mm Gold Finish
35 mm Gun Metal
Devanet leather belt buckle DV0503 Devanet leather belt buckle dv0541 Devanet Leather belt buckles DV-CB2
35 mm Satin Nickel
35 mm Bright Nickel
38 mm Nickel
devanet lether belt buckle DV0508 devanet leather belt buckle dv0569 devanet leather betl buckle DV0502-40
40 mm Antique Silver
40 mm Antique Brass
40 mm Gun metal

standard pLATE STYLE buckles for leather belts

devanét standard plate buckles are designed to be personalised with a logo, badge, symbol or design. The selection you see below are some of the standard cast buckles for leather belts, the finishes available are polished nickel, brushed satin and gunmetal. The iamges shown are to illustrate the shapes available. Other finishes and shapes are made to order. For certain applications special coated versions are available. These buckles are suitable for a variety of branding options including Diamond Engraving, Laser Engraving, Eltro Etching, Doming where applicable. Specialr eversible plate buckles are shown at the bottom of the gallery.

Devanet leather belt buckle DV10485-30-50 Devanet leather belts buckke 3952-30-31 brushed-web Devanet leather belt buckle 10702-30-59 gunmetal finish
DV10485-30-50 (30mm)
DV3952-30-31 Satin (30mm)
DV10702-30-59 Gunmetal
Devanet leather belt buckle 3950-30-31 brushed Devanet leather belt buckle 6001-30-50 Devanet leather belts buckle 6001-30-1
DV3950-30-31 Satin
DV6001-30-50 Brass/Nickel
DV6001-30-1 Shiny Nicklel
Devanet leaher betls buckke satin finished 30 mm 3051-30-31 Devanet 10444-30 insert lfull colour logo'd  buckle
DV3326-30 Gold
DV3051-30-31 Satin Nickel
DV10444-30 full colour logo
Devanet- DVCSF40 cast plate buckle Devanet- 10591-40 plate buckle Devanet 0611 cast belt buckle

DVCSF40 50 X 78mm Buckle

DV10591-40 cast buckle
0611 cast buckle
Devanet cast plate buckle DV10111-30 Devanet 10271-35 cast plate buckle Devanet 10514-40 Cast plate buckle
DV0111-30 mm cast buckle
DV102710-35mm cast buckle
DV10514-40 mm cast buckle
Devanet 10477-30 brushed buckle finish devanet 10445-30 brushed finish with clamp
DV104770-30mm cast buckle
DV10445-30 cast buckle
DV10111-30 shiny nickel
Devanet signature buckle Devanet  35627 -40 MM Golf buckle with marker devanet cast0s4839-40  belt buckle
Signature buckle 35 mm
40mm 35637 Goff Buckle
OS4839 cat buckle 40mm
Devanet Reversible plate buckle DV11757-35 Devanet DV11761-35 Reversible Devanet DV11758-35 reversible
DV11757-35 Reversible DV11761-35 Reversible DV11757-35 Reversible
  Devanet DV1011-30 With easy fix clamp  
DV10111-30 Clamp


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