Devanet® decided to invest in another CNC to create additional products where other metals such as brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and tool steel could be machined on one machine.


This investment is directed at customers who require their own branded products without having to go offshore and purchase large inventories with little if any recourse if things go wrong The Hurco CNC delivers precision and high speed within a stable platform and fine details as well as cost effectiveness machining strategies can be undertaken.


Design and modelling is all undertaken inhouse using state of the art software at minimal cost to the consumer and the company will produce anything from a one off special to high volumes.


CNC machining of belt buckkles, metal components for dog leads, jewellery, corporate gifts are all possible, in addition Devanet® undertakes finishing of the products from fettling, polishing, plating and ceramic coating.


ALL devanet CNC machined parts are guaranteed for 12 months for your peace of mind. Made in Britain


























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