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Powder coated Aluminium



Devanét® powder coating system is based on a proven technology that utilises a dry powder that is electrostatically applied to substrates, then fused in an oven at 180c to form a skin layer over the item. It is harder than conventional paint and is classified as a thermosplastic or a thermoset polymer.


One of the most significant advantages of powder coating is the ability of the powder to cover the entirte item front and back and small crevices by the use of a negative and positive charge applied to the process so that the flow of powder bonds to the substrate.


Devanet® offers a wide selection of colours from metallic, matt or gloss finishes to small object that can be fitted into the ovens. The company offers a powder coating service for customers requiring specific finishes to their products and small volumes are catered for.


Devanét® powder coating is a more cost effective alternative to silver and gold electroplating and is suitable for applications where a jewellery standard is not required.

Powder coating colouir chart small
Powder Coating Colour Chart - Other Colours Custom Made
Powder coated buckles

The majority of uses for the powder coating systems is to cure metals as such Devanet provides powder coating for small objects and offers a refurbishing and cleaning service.

Devanet® designs and manufactures belt buckles for webbing and leather which can be powder coated.

Most metals that will resist 180c can be cured, however tests on low melt alloys such as lead and certain solders will have to be tested but can generally be successfully cured at 160 deg.

Powder coated wood

Wood can be powder coated with our Powder Coating System, however depending on the wood used there will be a 'trial & error' to set the correct oven temperature. It is important to determine whether any possible shrinkage that may occur is impractical for a given application.

As a starting point we would set the temperature of the oven or heat lamp at 130 deg and aim to cure the part at this temperature for 5 minutes. To acheive a high build gloss several coats can be applied.

Powder coated stainless steel wine coolers and ice buckets for special events and awards coated in custom colours and branded with Company logos in various ways.


Devanet® will powder coat the complementary glassware and associated utensils to make a theme to remember, or if it is for a gift, we will custom coat the item in a colour selected from our colour chart.


Powder coated barware is available to order.

Martini glasses coated

Devanet® will powder coat or electroplate glassware and stainless steel barware to order, the glassware will be treated and depending on the finish shotblasted before coating.


For specially coated and engraved bottles of wine and champagne for wedding tables and gifts please send us a detailed specification with any branding requirements so we can prepare suitable quoatations.


All glass products are custom coated to order and not available as stock lines.

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ral colour chart 1 ral colour chart 1




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