Fringe leather


Devanét® Fringe belts and accessories are custom made to order at our factory in Congleton, manufactured from real leather not faux leather, we can create an individual design just for you. The styles and shapes that we can design are created for you once we know the style you are looking for. The colour of each fringe belt can be Pantone® matched for you from our top quality full hide leather. Fringe widths can be cut to specific widths from 10 mm to 15 mm and lengths can be produced very short 200 mm to 900 mm long.

The shape and style of the fringe belt is designed to accommodate waist or hip fitting and made to specific sizes for the range or style you create. Each Devanét® fringe belt is made with a range of options which can include a custom Swarovski design, patterns with rivets or stitch designs and embossing in the leather to mention just a few ideas.

The buckles we can design with a custom made buckle in gold or silver finish, with Swarovski elements if required and can include a design built into the buckle face.

In order for us to design your fringe belt or accessories correctly we will require a detailed brief of what is required before we can quote a price to you, the price range is so wide because the design elements we can create vary so widely, this includes special shapes and attachments we can add for you and whether we are designing with real gold and silver components. The creation of a designer fringe belt or product range is up to you. We make them exclusively for you. Made in England -Devanét®


Tanned Fringe belt



Devanet Fringe belt 850
leather fringe belt
Fringe Belt Short 300 mm
Fringe Belt Long 850 mm
Fringe Belt Medium 500 mm


Colour Options
Devanet fringe belt colour options


Brown Tan Navy Printed Purple Snake
Warm or post Red Marine Blue White Taupe Black

Swarovski Crystal elements can be designed into the belt

Devanet crystal design 1



Diamante belt

Diamante buckle belt made to any shape and size

Daiamate buckle on leather belt
Diamante buckle on black leather
Swarovski Crystals on Gold Buckle on leather belt Swarovski Crystals on silver buckle - black leather

Devanét® will create your fringe belt in various lengths and sizes to suit your requirements, The basic styles can also be changed to your own design, we have just shown 3 typical styles that can be used. Please note that every fringe belt for individuals is a one off custom made article and therefore is a designer belt, wholesale fringe belts are made for each retailer to specific designs exclusive to that retail outlet, minimum orders will apply. All designs are copyright under the Devanét® registered trademark




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