devanet embossed leather belt

Embossed leather

One of the most decorative features in leather is embossing, there are three main ways in which leather belts can be embossed, through a roller press, lasered or stamped.  Each process except lawering requires a die made which under pressure creates the embossed effect. Stamped leather can be enhanced by use of special materials to create a contrast against the body of the leather, a technique we use when embossing logos onto the tongue of the belt or keepers. Here are some examples of embossed effects onto leather. Please note that all embossed logos or designs are custom made to order and there will be a die charge for each design.


Embossed leather

Embossed leather does not work well on some leathers due to ther tanning and finishing process, we recommend embossing on vegtan leathers as this generally gives a deep and quality finish. Embossing leather is usually applied either with heat and a special film to enhance the effect by having a slight contrast or with hot foils.


Embossing is not ponly applied to leather there are many other subtrates that embossing or hotfoiling can add to the aesthetic appearance of a product from webbing, cardboards, faux leathers and certain plastics and fabrics.



35 mm embossed LF

30 mm embossed PT 32 mm embossed TN
25 mm embosssed belt small
DV-embossed black belt
40 mm embossed TN 25 mm embossed BK 30 mm embossed BLK







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