Leather Components By Devanet



Devanét®have invested in extensive converting facilities to offer bespoke produced components in leather, this includes not least the complete fabrication of a product ready for assembly.


The list of services covers braided leather straps, die cut straps from 3 mm wide to 400 mm wide, punched straps or shapes up to 900 x 400 mm, riveted parts, computer stitched complex shapes, laser etched designs, embossed designs, laminated leather parts, Pantone dyed to match components, sub assemblies such as tab ends, end tips, shoe soles, belt straps, dog leads, harness collars, dog collars, keyring leathers, charm links, furniture straps and any shaped article cut to size and finished with edge dye.


The extent of these services can further include the make up of a complete product and Devanet undertake commissions to produce such items to other manufacturers as required.


Leather can be supplied by the customer, or supplied by Devanet from stock line items, or from a vast range of leathers from our suppliers, this includes leathers such as printed crocodile to Italian calf, Patent or Metallic leathers which we laminate to the required thickness.


Our business is being able to respond to small and volume orders for customers and with our facilities inhouse at our factory in Congleton - Cheshire. We are a Briitsh components manufacturer who provides these services a wide customer base and can offer speedy turnaround times when required.




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