ceramic metallic coating



Devanét® have introduced new metallic coatings which are enhanced with a ceramic protective coating, this not only preserves the metallic finish but is abrasion, scratch resistant and corrosion resistant. The final finishes can be altered to belend with other colours in the ceramic range.


The bright shimmer and the richness of the range of metallic finishes creates a warm and luxurious finish and can be used outdoors as well as inside. This unique blend of fine metallic lustre particles and hard polymer gives an extra hard, high quality gloss finish and ncombined with the additional ceramic coating. creates a really strong and robust finish especially suitable for buckles and components where abrasion and handling are intrinsic to the appplication.


The metallic ranmge comes in 6 basic colours:








The custom blends can have glitter added to create sparkle and a decorating effect on other colours. Devanet can create a mix of glitter metallic finishes in the ceramic 2K range providing customers with over 100 base colours that can be created with the shimmering finish in the final top ceramic coating, making this the most versatile range of ceramic coatings available inthe UK for buckles, components and jewellery based custom made products..


The metallic and glitter variations can be applied to most metals, wood, plastic and some glass products. Temperature resistance up to 100c is required for high resistance to abrasion in the final

coating alhtough lower baking temperatures can be introduced, but will need to be lab tested.

Bright Gold Metallic Antique Gold Metallic
Copper Metallic Pewter Metallic
Silver metallic Metallic Glitter Custom Options


Custom Red Metallic Light Gold Metallic Drink Can
Gold Metallic Egg Shape Silver Metallic Piggy Bank
Pewter Metallic Coating Silver Metallic Snap Hooks



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