Devanét® design and manufacture endtips in leather for webbing and leather products in all different shapes and sizes, plain or branded to order. Our leather end tips can be die cut and sewn, or riveted to suit any width of belt. Leather end tips can be supplied in a range of colours and finishes to match the belts and a Pantone® dye match service is available.


End tips for webbing can be produced in solid brass as well as steel, solid brass are the top end quality and can be finished and branded with logos or text to order. Various options such as width, finis and branding call all be accommodated.


Devanét® Metal end tips and keepers are custom designed and milled or cast then specially polished and plated in a variety of finishes from gold colour, antique to shiny silver as well as RAL or Pantone® colours.


Devanét® leather tab ends are professionally die cut for consistency is shape and finish, then edge finished according to requirements, such as colours or stitched. All end tabs are automatically stitched on our computerised pattern sewer and we do all the programming and finishing at our factory in Cheshire.


Our metal endtips, leather end tips, tabs and keepers are made to order for our customers and offer one of the most comprehensive options to design your own end tips, tab end and keepers. Contact our sales office for more information.


GTE Buckle with matched end tip
Letter B custom made keeper
Custom Made buckle with matched end tip
Custom Made Brass keeper branded
Custom made leather components
Metal end cap for leather belts
Custom Made short belt parts for dresses
Metal end cap for leather custom made
Buckle sets 10304-30 MS
Buckle set for leather 3368-30-MS
3368-30 MS Buckle Keeper End Tip Set
10304-30 MS Buckle Keeper Sets
3949-35-MS Metal end cap
Metal end caps for leather
3949-35 MS Available in 25 and 40 mm
End caps various options from 20 - 40 mm
Metal Keepers-MS
Leather Buckle Tabs
Metal keepers made to order any size
Leather buckle tabs custom made
Devanet Leather end tabs
Devanet web-eyelets-keeper-tabends

Leather end tabs made to order

Custom made with eyelets
Web belts metal end tips
Custom Made Keepers
Web belt metal end tips - 20 mm to 40 mm
Custom Made Belt Keepers
Custom made tab end for web belts
Custom made front tab for web belts
Web belt end tabs made to order
front buckle end tab to any size
vegtan end tabs for web  belts
Tab ends and eyelets for web belts
Custom made tab ends for web belts
Bespoke made leather combo web belts
Tab ends for webbing
Tab ends made to order for any web belt- branded or plain
The range shown below are just a small sample of what is available in metal end tips for webbing, a complete range of custom end tips can be produced in the required finishes for you. Additional front end tips for the tongue of the belt can also be made to order.
Devanet metal end tips for webbing
Devanet metal end tips for webbing



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