Laserable leather, a relatively new innovation which is expanding into fashion, retail, the corporate and promotional markets as well as sport.  Available in rolls of 1.4 metres wide, in thicknesses from 0.8 mm and lengths from 1 linear metre to rolls of 50 metres.  Colours are in abundance with up to 20 colours to choose from, each with a contrasting colour when engraved, There are several contrast colours silver, gold and black these colours become apparent when the laser removes the top surface of the material. The raw material is supplied to us in rolls which we will provide as sheets or die cut parts or as a bespoke finished product to order. please note minimum orders will apply to any bespoke product.


The stunning effects can include abstract designs, logos and text with fine detail, laserable leather can be used on a myriad of products from jewellery boxes, wallets, bags, coasters, keyfob, passport holders, hip flasks, tumblers, notebooks, clipboards, belts, charms, bracelets, patches and labels for clothing just a mention a few.


Custom made gifts can be made to order, these will depend upon the suitability of the design for each project, but laserable leather is versatile and can be adapted with other products to achieve a solution.


Typical custom projects for laserable leather products usually takes around the 6 week mark to complete, this lead time will of course depend upon many factors such as complexity, approval of design and raw material supplies. Some laserable leather projects can be completed in a few weeks if raw materials are available. Here are some typical examples of finished lasered leather products. Please note these are available for sale and are purely for illustration only. Blank products are available to apply your own designs, logos and text. Devanet provide a complete design service for our customers.

Hip Flasks Covered in Laserable Leather Laerable Leather Coasters
Laserable Leather Passport Holders Laserable Leather Notebooks
Laerable Leather Patches & Clothing Labels Laserable Leather Jewellery Boxes
Laserable Leather Rectangular Keyrings Laerable Leather Round Keyrings
Laserable Leather Oval Keyrings Laserable Leather Golf Scorecard Holders
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