The prototype depicted below is a Devanet custom 60 mm diameter Pisces Rose Gold Belt Buckle


Pisces 3D Model Prototype



Devanet Prototyping Service


One of the key attributes about being able to offer a UK Manufactured prototype means that customers can have a product designed and made in a relatively short timeline and if necessary visit the factory to see the result. Devanet have introduced a rapid prototyping service with its scan and 3d print technology whereby prototypes can be made from existing objects modified and printed to show customers, get approval before molding or machining. Alternatively producing a design from a sketch, machining and finishing the product in solid brass can be done in a as little as a few days if really pushed.


Prototyping a product is the right approach to ensure that the product is designed correctly before full scale production is undertaken. It is this service that Devanet offers more than any other UK competitor in its field. From an idea - graphic design - modelling - casting/machining - fettling - tumbling - plating and branding are all undertaken in house. Although a small family orientated business, the company has continued to invest every year to improve its abilities and increase response to customers requirements.


Rapid Prototyping

Devanét® offer customers a rapid prototyping service from a sketch drawing or stl file. A sketched 2d file will have to be converted to a solid model in a binary stl file format, from which an SLA or PLA 3d print can be made. The advantage of offering our customers this service is a new way of speeding up our process for prototyping.  We can generally produce a solid model prototype of your buckle or component in less than 72 hours, subject to other work. This process also means that you, our customer can have a physical sample, ready for production is less than a week, compared to 3-4 weeks or longer for machined models.


Another important fact is that the models produced are accurate to fine tolerances and incredible detail not easily achieved by machining,


Devanét® will provide all the design and completed prototype from our factory in Congleton, so all work in produced in the UK.  



Devanet 3D SLA  rapid prototype side view2 with supports
Devanet 3D rapid prototype back view branding
3D model side view Devanet buckle
3D Model back view showing branding
Example of 3D printing of complex shape



Here are some examples of rapid prototypes:

Zodiac 3d prototype print


Design software for modelling from concept to 3D machining

Design and Creation of 2d and 3d  reliefs


For Golf

Racing Tyre
Chess Pieces
The from metal to final prototype
PCR Swabs


What you can see from the above three illustrations is what you are presented with and the final product can be quite different and if you consider the brief the image does not look anything like the bridge in the picture, a picture was sent and from that a complete redraw was undertaken to get the Bridge to resemble more like the picture.

The redraw was approved with the specification to produce a buckle with an antique silver finish, the bridge also was created in relief so it stood proud of the buckle face, the finish a belt buckle prototype that can finished in silver, gold polished or left as is. ready to go to casting.



From the STL file the ability to turn a 3d model into a 3d print ready for casting a mold
and finising the product with buckle bar and prong to make a belt buckle, pendant, charm or keyring are just some examples of how Devanet can create products for customers.



From a basic design brief we can create your own exclusive branded products, if you would like your own range of gifts, buckles, belts and would like to make use of our dedicated prototyping facility, please email or call our sales office.
Devanet provide the following inhouse services: graphic design - modelling - 3d scanning & print - CNC machining - Fettling - Tumbling to preplating finish - Plating - Branding






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