Belt Brown Wood



Devanét® and it's partners have developed a new range of sublimation products for anyone to use who has a standard sublimation press. Not just one product but a variety in size and shape with different finishes to appeal to anyone who wants to make a belt or any gift, we are able to cast or mill a minimum of 50 pieces to create your own exclusive sublimation product. All our sublimation products we design are all designed to take a special insert which is designed for high quality full colour prints. All our design and sublimation products are finished in the UK at our factory in Cheshire.


We endeavour to use the highest quality components and recommend "Chromoluxe" which is in our opinion proven to achieve the best photographic results, other unisub hardwood products are also being developed in our gift boxes which are made out of wood in various sizes to take a variety of gifts.


Further development is being undertaken to be able to offer customers bespoke shapes in the UK and cast other products to be suitable for sublimation. We hope to offer our products world wide and are launching the first range at the NEC at Printwear on 28 February 2016.


Devanét® sublimation products have created a unique opportunity for additional business with the high costs of tooling up every buckle and computer driven processing machinery we have decided to maximise the potential by creating a range of upmarket products with low minimums to broaden the scope and market potential for innovative new designs for our distributors world wide.


Future developments are already underway to increase the range of products with new quality innovations so watch this space and ask to be put on our mailing list. Devanét® export worldwide, interested parties should email us.





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