Custom Made Boxes



Devanét® design and manufacture a whole range of bespoke boxes to order in wood and cardboard from 1200 micron card. Each box can be branded in a number of ways from lasering to infils and designer boxes exquisitely made and finished with the customers brand, initials or design in the lid of the box.


Belt boxes can be designed and manufactured in a rnage of materials, from wood, Solid Surface materials, and Card depening upon the customers budget, a wide range of finishes, logo inlays, foil blocking, milled plated designs can all be added to enhance the appearance of the box. Minimum orders for standard Devanet boxes is 1, custom made 25 units and premade logo'd boxes 24 units.


Apart from the custom made gift boxes, devanét® works with some standard boxes and redesigns the face to accomodate different designs with lasers and other equipment so that the price points are more affordable, these boxes are generally wood veneers but coated or oil finished and personalised according to design requirements.

Our cardboard boxes are made in small quantities normally 50 per order and branded according to requirements in over 40 colours.


Bespoke Boxes for Sublimation

In addition to the standard range we have introduced a new assortment of boxes which have special inserts designed for sublimation printing, the inserts are custom made and we can even make special inserts if required. The wood range you see in our examples can all be designed to accommodate the inserts however cardboard boxes are designed to have the sublimation plate surface mounted. The inserts and plates are supplied loose.


From a simple cufflink box we create it into something more stylish and exclusive, to the production our custom belt boxes for our customers where everyone one is made exclusively for you.....


Cufflink Box
Belt Box Wood Black Lacquered
Cufflink Box - Branded to Order
Wooden Belt Box Black Lacquered
Dark BLUE leatherette Belt Box by Devanet White Wooden Belt Box By Devanet
Dark Blue Leatherette Belt Box White Wooden Belt Box
Euro Buckle Box Walnut belt box by Devanet
Wooden Euro Buckle & Belt Box Walnut Belt Box With Leatherette Interior
Black Velvet Belt Pouchette
Devanet Custom Made Black Pouchette
Black Velvet Pouchette - Suede Available
Custom made in Suede-Velvet-Moleskin
Watch-Belt Gift Box
Web Belt Boxes By Devanet
An Example of boxed Gifts
Web Belt Boxes Made to Order
Wooden Box With Swarovski Logo
Devanet wooden belt box
Wooden Box - Swarovski Crystal Logo
Wooden belt Box Branded
Devanet Custom Boxed Belt
devanet laser colour filled wooden belt box
Custom Boxed Belt - Branding to Order
Laser colour filled belt box
CSF Custom boxed belt
Boxed Ladies Golf Belt

Custom Belt and Box

Boxed Ladies Golf Belt

Wooden Cufflink Box
Mahogany Belt box
Wooden Cufflink Box
Mahogany Belt Branded to Order
Custom Made Golf Belt Award For Tommy T Tour
Suede Finished Belt Buckle Box
Custom Made Golf Belt For Tommy T
Suede Finished Belt Buckle Box
Custom Branded Boxes
Custom Branded Wooden Boxes
UInbranded Plain Belt Box
Mahogany Gift Box
White orf black boxes
Mahogany Gift Box Personalised to Order
White - Black Gift Boxes Customised to Order
1912 Belt Box By Devanet
Best Man belts
1912 Custom belt and box
Belts For Best Man
Custom Designed Medal And Box
Web belts Boxes Custom Made
Custom Designed Medal And Box
Web Belt Boxes Custom Made
Foiled Initials On Leatherette Box
Custom Branded Box -44
Foile leatherette box

Custom Branded Box

Multi Belt and buckle box
Multi Belt & Buckle Box Inside
Wood Multi Belt & Buckle Box Outside
Wood Multi Belt and Buckle Box Inside
Rosewood Box
Black wooden Box DV-WB55
Rosewood Box DV-BDW8
Black Lacquered Wood DV-WB55
Berkely Box custom made by devanet
Oak boxes custiom amde by devanet
Berkeley Box custom made
Oak boxes custom made by devanet



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