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Devanét® leather hides are used to make a wide range of bespoke products from belts, gift tags, passport wallets, keyrings, coasters, tab ends, dog leads, welders Aprons and a myriad of other bespoke products adn components for customers.


Leather comes in mnay forms and finishes and each have specific characteristics that will appeal to one application more than another, it is the selection and grading of the particular grade that determines the fit for purpose and this is where Devanet can be of assistance to customers in making the right choice for their application.


Devanet works in partnership with key leather suppliers, whose support enables us to offer these high quality hides, permission to use their photos of various hides is appreciated and is aimed to assist customers in their choice of leather.


Custom Dyed and embossed leather prints

As a special service we can offer Pantone matched, colours, embossed and glazed hides to order, the minimim is one full hide. Customers can order Crocodile prints, snake prints and other designs - there is a setup charge to cover the cost of setting the plate and a further charge based on the square foot area of print required - please ask our sales office for details.


If you require technical support of the type of leather you require for your project, or a special finish or colour we are here to help. All our leathers are acquired from experienced tanneries or merchants.



Vegtan natural leather hide

Natural full grain vegetable tanned tooling leather for staining / embossing / moulding / carving and all other general craftwork applications. A super smooth grain and regular shape for maximum cutting.


This material is ideal for  :   Bags, Wallets, Falconry, Knife Sheaf's, Dog Collars, Phone / Pad / Pod Cases, Belts, Strops, Re-enactment Armour, Masks, Menu Covers and any Small Leathergoods.


Dimensions  :   52"  wide  35"  deep   (approx)

Average Size  :   15 sq ft

Thickness  :   1 - 1.5mm     1.5 - 2mm     2 - 2.5mm     2.5 - 3mm     3 - 3.5mm     3.5 - 4mm


Vegtan Leather Coloured


Highest quality and regular shape, vegetable tanned full grain beautifully aniline coloured and finished shoulder showing some natural growth and character, dyed through and coloured both sides with a warm - slightly waxy feel. Suitable for moulding and embossing.


These are READY COLOURED to make up your product without the need to dye or stain the leather yourself. Special colours and embossing to order (minimum of one hide)


Product Reference  :  LAMPORT

Colours Available  :  Nude,  White,  Light Tan,  Mid Tan,  Dark Tan,  Red,  Chestnut,  Burgundy,  Mid Green,  Dark Racing Green,  Mid Blue,  Dark Navy,  Dark Brown,  Grey,  Black,  Baby Pink,  Sky Blue,  Yellow  and  Pale Green.


This material is ideal for  :   Bags, Wallets, Falconry, Knife sheaf's, Dog collars, Phone / Pad / Pod cases, Belts, Re-enactment armour, Masks, Menu covers and any Small Leathergoods etc.


Dimensions  :   52"   wide   35"   deep    (approx)


Average Size  :  16 sq ft


Thickness  :  1.5mm     2 - 2.5mm     3mm



Bridle Leather hides


Traditional full vegetable tanned English Bridle Shoulder. Hand worked and tallow waxed to give a strong, smooth and hard wearing finish. Regular shape and size for maximum cutting.


Colours Available  :  Stock colours: Dark Havana  and  Black (Any colour to match your specific patterns, made to order)


This material is ideal for  :  Bags, Wallets, Falconry, Knife sheaf's, Dog collars, Phone / Pad / Pod cases, Belts, Re-enactment armour, Masks, Menu covers, Leathergoods etc.


Dimensions  :   52"  wide  35"  deep Approx


Average Size  :   15 sq ft


Thickness  :   1.5 - 2mm     2 - 2.5mm     2.5 - 3mm      3 - 3.5mm



Special hides and finishes available to order - made into products



Crocodile Perforated leather hides
Crocodile Print
Perforated Leather Hides
Glazed leather Patent leather
Glazed leather glossy surface
Patent Leather
Lizard hide Suede leather
Lizard Print
Suede Leathers
if the hides, colour or priont is not shown here, please call us for details, we have excellent suppliers we have a wide range of hides that can be treated, printed or embossed for our customers. Call our sales office on 01260 289513.




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