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Devanét® offer customers, one of the best solutions in the UK for custom designed corporate branded buckles, options of solid brass and Zamak and the quality to match what we call jewellery standard. This is due to the time and care in all aspects of the process to create your buckle. What is so special is our partners who have this wonderful ability to interpret the designs we make and deliver exceptional quality components from milling, casting and plating and we work closely with them to ensure that the moulding and finishing is to our customer expectations. Our inhouse designer takes your brief, interprets the requirements and the technical ramifications and will submit a visual for approval. Once this is completed the next stage is a prototype, this setup to produce a suitable stylised prototype takes hours to create and is charged for depending upon the complexity of the design and quantity required. Please note that in some high volume runs a special mould may be required this will be discussed at the prototyping stage.


For our corporate customers it means we can design and create your bespoke corporate buckle prototype in just over a week and a complete package in 3-4 weeks of approval. The second and most important attribute is our ability to craft your design in as little as 48 hours from a brief. It is furthermore the flexibility we offer to be able to design small quantities for discerning customers as well as many thousands but with one goal to deliver a top quality result.


From solid brass we can produce your corporate wear buckles, a minimum of 25 pieces for logo'd items and only a minimum of 50 pieces for cast Zamak. Our combined ability to make something special for all our customers with these low volumes brings home to the UK unique opportunities to have your own branded buckles. We will of course create one off designer buckles for special events or shows, these can be created in precious metals and stones.


We offer a range of coatings that enhance the longevity of the product, the standard being 0.1 micron which generally lasts 5 years, 0.2 micron average 10 years and 0.5 micron recommended for shoes or where high resistance to rubbing is required.


From a standard indented logo, Pantone® matched colour filled designs, creations with Swarovski crystals and finally the technical know how to create buckles in precious metals such as gold and silver offers solutions for even the most demanding customers. Below we have illustrated just a few of the myriad of designs we can produce for you.


For your peace of mind, some of the largest and most respected brands have used and are using our buckles and all our belts are Made in England. Devanét will design your custom made corporate buckle exclusively for you. For top quality fashion buckles for shoes, clothing bags and belt - Devanét is your perfect partner.




Corporate buckle and belts For RL

Corporate Buckle For Liberty London
Designer Corporate Buckle For RL
Custom Made Buckle for Liberty
Custom made buckle
Double D ring Custom Made for Corporate customer
Bespoke Designer Buckle For Client
Double D Ring Made for Corporate Client
SNT Z8673-35
SNT Infilled Buckle Design
SNT Z8673-35 Custom Patterned Buckle
SNT - Infilled Buckle Design
North Staffs League Goilf Buckle
Coloured Custom Buckle
North Staffs League Golf Buckle
Colour infilled Custom Buckle
Custom Made buckle for Norton
Custom Made Oval Buckle For Norton
Custom Made Buckle For Norton
Custom Made Oval Buckle Infill in Black
GTE Custom Made Web Belt Buckle
SNT- custom Web buckle
Designed Exclusively for GTE
SNTt Custom Web Buckle
Infilled Buckle Design 2
Devanet custom designed golf keyrings
SNT Infilled Buckle Design For Leather Belts
Custom Made Keyring For Buckles Devanet
Custom Made Buckle Brookfield
Golf Buckle Custom Made
Milled and colour filled buckle for Brookfield
Custom Made Crested Golf Buckle For CGC
Full Colour Custom Buckle
Fire and Rescue Custom Buckle
Full Colour Custom Buckle
Fire and Rescue Custom Buckle



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